Were anna and elsa parents abusive relationship

Frozen is about the repression of child abuse (SPOILERS) : FanTheories

were anna and elsa parents abusive relationship

He left Anna to die as he went to kill Elsa, and any feelings Anna had for him as canon, portrays his childhood as truly horrible and abusive, and his father as a. Most Disney parents (note I didn't say "step-parents") are solid as a rock (Nemo's dad) If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. The main characters, sisters Anna and Elsa -- though typically gorgeous, starved as she is for human connection (and probably raised on the same sexist. After an accident with her sister, Anna, Elsa's parents isolate her, tell her that she's What Elsa's parents did was abusive, and it is so subtle that most people, . you just met — and the notion that all women are supposed to want marriage.

were anna and elsa parents abusive relationship

She then precedes to put a lock on a big part of herself, causing her abilities to spin out of control. Elsa did hurt Anna with a blast of ice when they were playing a little too carelessly in the ballroom but it was an accident, and that is what accidents do — they happen.

were anna and elsa parents abusive relationship

Every single thing they did made the problem worse. The troll advised them to teach Elsa how to control her power.


And that was a huge mistake on their behalf. Though they might not have meant to do so — though they loved her — they reduced Elsa as a person, making her believe that she was a monster and that she was given up on. So yes, they were only trying to protect their daughters, and they were unequipped to handle the situation properly.

were anna and elsa parents abusive relationship

So is it fair to pin them down as abusive? Yes, it really is. Ignorance and intent are not excuses for doing horrible things to others.

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Yes, parental misunderstanding of the best way to help a kid with idiosyncrasies of some sort or other is rampant these days. They were told that if people became afraid of their daughter, they would hurt her. So they in their shortsighted way do what they thought was the best way to make sure nobody would ever be afraid of their daughter.

were anna and elsa parents abusive relationship

She turns Anna away voluntarily, because she also thought her isolation was for the best. Watch what I can do! She lost control and was forced to out herself while trying to escape an uncomfortable social situation.

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl Seriously. Dang women, always getting in the way of what men want!

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Later, Kristoff escorts Anna to the mountain first because he feels he owes her for the supplies she bought him, and then because he wants Anna to give him a new sleigh. If he is the gay partner, then great, props. But again, Disney could have done much better. But as soon as she exhibits unexpected power, the immediate response is to distrust her and chase her out of the kingdom. Besides, who else does the kingdom even have to rule them???

were anna and elsa parents abusive relationship