White tiger and spider man relationship

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white tiger and spider man relationship

White Tiger (Ava Ayala) is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books . The Ava Ayala version of White Tiger appears in Ultimate Spider-Man, voiced by Caitlyn Taylor Love. She is seen on the same team as Spider-Man, Iron . When awkward relationships happen when Spider-Man have double Romance - Ava A./White Tiger, Peter P./Spider Man - Chapters: 4. White Tiger (Ava Ayala) is a S.H.I.E.L.D. trainee and the current successor in her family's legacy to bear the name. As Spider-Man asked her how fast she could reach the core, White Tiger revealed it to be below them and .. Relationships.

However, the group was unable to do any type of substantial damage until the arrival of Thor. Thor easily defeated the Frost Giant and regarded the group as mere children, much to their anger and frustration.

After Thor transformed into a frog by touching a crystal made by Loki designed to do so, White Tiger went with the other members of the group and Thor to Asgard to fight Loki.

They arrived and were soundly captured after doing so. Determining White Tiger and the others couldn't win, Spider-Man had Thor teleport the group away from the battle.

After retreating, they sought help from the Troll King. After Thor apologized for earlier statements he made to the former, Eitri supplied the group with additional weapons, giving White Tiger a bow and arrow.

During their next battle with Loki, White Tiger used it to fight off several of the Frost Giants until Spider-Man successfully tricked Loki into undoing his spell on Thor by reverting him to normal.

After the group returned to Earth, White Tiger and the others gladly allowed Spider-Man to receive the goat Thor had given them in thanks for their cooperation. The Venom symbiote emerged for the third time and caused Nick Fury to assemble the group to face it once again. As Spider-Man revealed that he knew who was inside of the symbiote and wouldn't say whom, White Tiger urged Nick Fury to allow her to attack him. As the group prepared to get suited up, White Tiger explained that Venom had been sighted at Oscorp towers.

As she and the others descended into their pods, they were trapped in webs and concluded they were those of Spider-Man. They eventually got out and made their way to the tower, where they encountered Spider-Man and Venom. As the group attacked Venom, Spider-Man asked them sarcastically what had taken them so long. White Tiger asked him if he was surprised that the group made their way through his webbing so soon before Power Man told her to focus on their mission instead of Spider-Man.

As Spider-Man continued to throw the group off, he explained they didn't have to hurt Venom and they could still save him before White Tiger concluded that whoever was inside of Venom was long gone as she took out her S.

During the four's simultaneous attack on Venom, she climbed up his shoulder and kicked him the back. Later, she was one of the victims to be put to sleep by Nightmare by giving her her nightmare of failing. White Tiger was then partnered with Nova for their science project which annoyed her. She and Nova made an ice making machine. White Tiger then helped fight with the Awesome Android which one part embarrassed her of calling for it before it was stopped.

She and the rest of her group would next be assigned to stakeout duty in watching out for J. Jonah Jamesonwho was under attack by the Beetle after slandering the latter in the media despite Spidey's protests. She and the group continued their stakeout until they noticed Mary Jane Watson on her way to the building.

White Tiger and the others made their way of the roof and into the Daily Bugle itself, splitting up as they did so. During their watch, she and the others split up in order to watch the building from all sides.

White Tiger

The four all regain consciousness later and joined Spider-Man during his own face off with the villain. After rejoining Spider-Man, she attacked Beetle on her own.

During the attack, she was caught by Power Man after a direct hit from the Beetle and grabbed by him as well, ordering him to let go before the others helped her.

After defeating him, White Tiger and the rest of the group prepared to take him to prison as Spider-Man conversed with Mary Jane over saving her life. Their mission a success, White Tiger and the rest escorted Beetle to prison.

The group had Nova call Spider-Man on his cell phone and claim to have been in his hardest battle and desperately needing help.

As they anticipated, Spider-Man ran out and slipped on ice, causing White Tiger and the others to laugh at him.

white tiger and spider man relationship

After laughing at him, she and the others informed Spider-Man that they had come to retrieve him. The group decided to head off to a deserted tropical island.

white tiger and spider man relationship

As they arrived, they changed out of their costumes and into beach clothes. Ava played volleyball with the rest of the team and easily dominated her allies, gloating after winning as well.

During their fun, she and the others came in contact with a boy named Sandy. Sandy claimed to have been stranded on the island and urged the group to chase him.

Despite their initial unwillingness, they went along and did so.

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Along with the others, she started to complain about chasing him. Her main complaint is that of her hair being covered in sand and needing to wash it. She and the others decided to go back to their ship, only for Sandy to discover their desire to leave and his revealing to be the criminal Sandman as he seized their ship and caused them to retreat.

The five ran off into a maze and were soon enough, found by Sandman. She ran off with the others and managed to get into the ship once the group worked as a team and subdued Sandman. However, Sandman hid as sand on their ship and managed to get off. The group was forced to go after Sandman, whom had changed into a large form and was making his way onto New York. White Tiger and the others chased him as he continued to make his way into the state.

With the help of Nova, she and the others succeeded. Though Sandman was incarcerated, the group was still subjected to a partly-clothed cold bath by Nick Fury, who was trying to make sure the group did not have any small particles of sand still on them and also trying to punish them for going to the tropical island without his consent.

She and the rest of her team were scolded by Nick Fury for the collateral damage of the battle and were given a new task in the form of joining Damage Control and cleaning up their own messes. While she and the others displayed distaste in their new job, Spider-Man and Nova claimed to have uncovered a nefarious secret about the group.

She and the rest of the team did not believe them and carried on their own individual work until finally being allowed to resume their jobs as superheroes.

white tiger and spider man relationship

Ava and her teammates were at school while Spider-Man was chased around by several Asgardians, hellbent on eating him and laughed at him when they saw him. After their mocking of him, Ava and the rest of her team fought of several of the Asgardians determined to eat Spider-Man and were successful in keeping the latter from harm's way. She and the rest of her team received training from Captain Americawhom easily overpowered the five.

During the training session, she was tied against a pole with Luke after being bested in battle. Spider-Man was the last to be taken down and shortly after his defeat, the group received another round with the veteran hero.

She fought him by herself and was propelled against Power Man, whom himself had been defeated earlier. After their session reached its climax, Captain America left his shield in front of the group.

She and the others started to converse in their match and discussed their enjoyment towards meeting him before Captain America's shield was projected out of the S. After Spider-Man went to retrieve it, Captain America returned and asked her and the rest of the group what had become of his shield in his absence.

white tiger and spider man relationship

She and the others explained and Captain America went with Spider-Man to retrieve it. As they continued their four-on-four duel, Spider-Man arrived and aided the group. Soon enough, the Frightful Four were put on the verge of losing and retreated, but not before leaving a multitude of Octobots to fight them.

As they battled them, White Tiger expressed her disbelief that the group could be so easily deceived.

white tiger and spider man relationship

The group defeated them and White Tiger gloated over the team's victory, as well as Spider-Man's statement that the robots were difficult before wondering where he had wandered off to. As it turned out, Spider-Man had been captured by Doctor Octopus. Fury informed them Doc Ock had scrambled Spider-Man's communicator and is giving different locations.

She and the rest of the group tried to find a way to him, eventually setting their sights on using an Octobot to track his location and lead them there as well. Her and Spider-Man's first solo adventure together would be against the Taskmaster, whom donned the disguise of a gym teacher at their school in an attempt to find the former.

After failing a P. The next day, she called him on his cell phone and ordered him to get down to the school, which he abided by and did so. Despite her initial unwillingness to go in without the instructions of their other team members, Spider-Man convinced her otherwise and the two went inside.

Following their team up, she, Spider-Man and their teammates were called in over a Spider-Man impersonator.

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Despite Spider-Man's wish to not allow him to join the group, she and the others were towards the impersonator's induction as the group's sixth member.

As Spider-Man sneezed, White Tiger hoped that she would not catch his cold. Her fears became a reality and she caught it, alongside the rest of the group and attacked him with the others for giving it to him.

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As Peter rejected his teammates attempts to get him to allow them to copy his homework, Ava compliment Peter as being the only one of the four to actually possess integrity. However, she took back her compliment by reminding them that his abilities as a superhero had consumed much of his time, causing him much frustration. She and the others noticed his strangeness later that day, as he had switched bodies with Wolverine.

She fought alongside Spider-Man against a Frost Giant and the two related as Thor treated them like mere children. Soon afterwards, she went with Spider-Man and the others to Asgard, in an effort to defeat Loki.

They succeed and soon Ava became embittered over Spider-Man's reveal to the group that he had known Venom's secret identity and wasn't going to tell anyone. She reacted angrily, urging her teammates and Nick Fury to allow her to get the information out of him.

She and the others played a prank on Spider-Man by having Nova call him on his cell phone and claim to be in dire battle conditions. Will they find themselves closer or further apart?

Will it wreck their partnership or make it stronger? Apple Juice or Hard Apple Cider? Peter and Ava settle into their hotel room with a little drink of apple juice This is gonna be a short story and this chapter is gonna be short too.

So sorry about that, but guaranteed, the next chapter will be longer as will the next story. But for now, enjoy the chapter and I'll see you guys at the end. See the end of the chapter for more notes. Here it is," The concierge said, "Reservation for Stark. Three guests and two rooms? So Tony took care of the rest of the details, they took their luggage onto an elevator, and went to their designated rooms.