Creative meet and greet ideas for family reunion

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creative meet and greet ideas for family reunion

A family reunion is a great way to bring your family together. help you plan a reunion in the digital age, create family traditions and take creative family group photos. Why not have a family swap meet at your next reunion?. Check out the 30 best family reunion ideas, games, and activities for adults and to meet relatives, share heirlooms, and hear—and record—family stories. 11) Greeting cards: Have family members sign greeting cards for. Family Reunion Templates Funny Family Reunion Invitation Sanchez Family family reunion ideas | class reunion program template class reunion sample Reunion Planning Guides Apps and Books: How To Plan A Meet And Greet.

Have your reunion meteorologist to provide a brief forecast each day. In addition, you can create a family reunion meteorologist board displaying the events and activities that will take place thru the span of the reunion. You would think we were in church. At our last reunion, the song leader took it to a different level by engaging a pep rally like competition by pointing to each table, having each table to stand and sing the song, as each table tried to sing the song louder than the other tables.

The winning table was chosen by a round of applause and each person from the winning table received a gift. I actually wrote the pledge for my family back in and it has been a staple at each family reunion ever since.

During our banquet, the youth in our family actually lead the rest of the family into repeating our family pledge. In addition, it is always included in our family reunion journal. A family creed will create a sense of team as well as vision for your family. As a mission statement is vital to the success of a company, creating a mission statement is just as important for a family. Fortune companies, nonprofits, and smaller companies alike have mission statements. Mission statements have been directly linked through research to greater returns on investment in companies.

When companies have a mission statement as a point of reference, it helps them to stay on track and not lose sight of what their core competencies are.

It will serve as a light when the family gets off track or begins to lose its way. Consider getting the entire family involved in creating a mission statement for your family. If your family reunion spans several days, you can section and divide the booklet up by days and perhaps each day have a different topic or focus i.

Ask and encourage family members to write down their sincere thoughts and sentiments. During your last function, place the Message Booklet on display for everyone to view as well as pass the booklet around so everyone can read the messages.

In addition to this, after our reunion was over, I complied the messages into a spreadsheet and sent it out both via mail and email so everyone could see the beautiful messages that were written by each family member.

creative meet and greet ideas for family reunion

After the family reunion, have everyone submit their favorite photo or photos from the reunion. Take these photos and create a digital photo memory book or album.

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Then you can sell these as a fundraiser for the next reunion or family reunion fund. Trust me your family members will purchase these books. However, you will have to increase the price to make a profit. Once you find out the total cost for printing each book, including taxes and postage, you can add in an additional amount to factor in a profit.

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I have created several family reunion digital photo books for my family and other families as well including the Family Reunion Memory Book… and these books sell like hotcakes! They certainly deserve the highest honor and the highest praise. They are true heroes.

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I was elated and my heart leaped with joy back in October when President Obama announced that the nine year War in Iraq was coming to an end and our troops were coming home. Beginning inwe begin a special recognition to honor and salute our family members who were serving. We set up a display table which was decorated in patriotic colors which had photos of each family member who was serving. In addition, on our banquet night we had the hotel to set a banquet table for them. No was allowed to sit at that specific table.

During the banquet program, a special acknowledgment was given for each family member serving and an explanation regarding the empty table. Also, a page was included in each family reunion journal showing their photos as well as a special salute. The photo above is the our Military Honor Board which my sister designed and created for our last reunion. It was displayed on a floor easel at every event except the picnic! Sweepstakes Contest This is certainly one of the gems of our family reunions.

The first fifty 50 adults to pay their reunion fees in full are entered into the Satcher Family Reunion Sweepstakes. The drawing takes place at our Family Heritage Banquet. This is not only a great way to initiate excitement about the reunion but it motiviates family members to get their reunion fees paid early! Coloring Contest Calling all artists and coloring stars! Or should I say, mini-artist!

creative meet and greet ideas for family reunion

For our little ones ageswe have coloring contest. We simply use one the family specific coloring pages located in their kids activity booklets. With some pre-planning, actually you could have the parents forward actual photos of the little ones who will be attending the reunion and make coloring pages or sheets using their images.

Be sure to award the these little mini coloring artist as well as display their colored pictures. Click this link to find out how you can create really cool, one-of-a-kind family or family reunion specific coloring pages like the one below. I will be detailing more information about this on a separate forthcoming page on the website. However, the basic concept and idea is a set up a special and separate area, a little village, so to speak, specifically designated just for them.

This village is supplied with coloring books, crayons, games, etc. Poster Contest A poster contest is great idea for a family reunion. We have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Be sure to display the posters at the reunion. Essay Contest An essay contest is wonderful idea to integrate into a family reunion. Family reunions are a time when many joyful memories are made and laughs are shared at this once-a-year bash.

To help you create a family reunion that people will remember for years to come. We rounded up seven ideas that will help you plan a reunion in the digital age, create family traditions and take creative family group photos. Capture food memories Create a family recipe book using favorite recipes from each. Collect the recipes in advance and put them into a document. You could use Google docs and share the working document so family members can add their recipes.

Include food and family-related photos to give the book a little visual interest. Get the book printed and bound. It would be a good idea to ask family members to chip in for the printing, or take orders for the in advance to pay for it. The importance of recording and remembering these recipes can be enormous in creating a lasting legacy for the people we love.

For many families, mom, dad, and even grandma are on Facebook. Why not take advantage of the time family spends on the social network by creating a family Facebook group. Technology has made it easier than ever for families to stay in touch long after the family reunion.

After creating a group, upload photo albums and share documents in the group for the whole family to visit throughout the year. When people see the photos of last years reunion, it will remind them how much fun they had, and it may influence their decision to attend the next one.

Family swap meet We all have gently used items sitting around taking up space in our closets and kids closets.