Disney xd meet the faces of randy cunningham

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja TV Review

disney xd meet the faces of randy cunningham

Uncategorizedrandy cunninghamLeave a comment 2D animators to work on season 2 of Randy Cunningham – 9th Grade Ninja (Disney XD). out to come visit the studio and meet the people that are bringing their characters to life. Armed with his power-packed ninja suit, he faces his first battle with McFist's monster. Play the Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja game, Punchocalypse, and practice your ninja skills. Watch on Disney XD!. Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Disney XD When Randy and Howard's video game battle gets out of hand, the Ninja must save . Meet the Press.

Positive Messages The story raises the issue of popularity and the "cool" factor as it relates to high school and, separately, as it's affected by a person's actions.

Randy is the school's hero, but the anonymity that surrounds him means that he still struggles to prove himself among the "in" crowd at school. Messages on this issue are mixed; Randy is comfortable with who he is but still considers stretching the boundaries to fit in. He's not perfect, but he's willing to rely on his friend when needed, and he tries to play by the rules of the ninja lifestyle. Most of the characters fall into stereotyped groups, like the "in" crowd, the dorks, and the nerds.

Violence The story is designed around action sequences that include kicking and punching exchanges as well as weapon use swords, knives, martial-arts devices that results in loss of limb and life for the robotic monsters that Randy faces.

No blood or gore, just tangled heaps of body parts. The Sorcerer's main weapon is "stank", a magical ability which one uses to temporarily turn people into monsters. McFist also has a mechanical arm with a brain that replaces his right arm. While everyone in Norrisville views him as a benevolent business man, he has secretly made a deal to help the Sorcerer destroy the Ninja in exchange for a power of McFist's choosing.

Jerry Driscoll voiced by Andy Dick - Mrs.

disney xd meet the faces of randy cunningham

Driscoll's deceased mad scientist husband who spent his time building doomsday devices that could destroy the world and the universe when he was alive, and whose skeleton she now carries around with her at all times. He really hates cheating so much that he'll go out of his way to try to kill anyone who commits this action if they are on his island. Mac Antfee voiced by David Koechner - He was the ninja of the s, but was "condemned for conduct unbecoming of a ninja" and stripped of the ninja suit.

Man-Gong - Mac Antfee's right-hand man. Catfish Booray voiced by Jim Cummings - A psychotic Cajun swamp man who lives in the swamp behind the school. Recurring characters Bucky Hensletter voiced by Scott Menville [2] [5] - A student of Norrisville High who is a member of the school's marching band, in which he plays the triangle.

disney xd meet the faces of randy cunningham

Makes no difference; I will not be here much longer. My latest creation is up above spreading chaos.

disney xd meet the faces of randy cunningham

Chaos gives me power, and once I have enough power, I will break free from this prison and destroy the Ninja. Weak of will and tempted by the awesome power, he gave himself to the darkness, and the Sorcerer came to be.

Meet The Faces of Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

The Sorcerer is the evil one that wants to destroy the Ninja of Norrisville. Contents Background Personality The Sorcerer is a dangerous opponent, ruthless, greedy and power hungry. He will also stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He feeds off negative emotions, such as despair, fear, hate, humiliation and anger, and uses them both to manipulate others into becoming his pawns and fuel his powers thanks to his Chaos Pearls.

disney xd meet the faces of randy cunningham

He is highly sadistic, longing for suffering and terror to occur. However, he mostly appears sophisticated and somewhat polite, this facade is not strong however, and he is also quick to anger, and will punish any who fail him. It also appears that in the years he's been imprisoned he has seemingly gone insane, as he spends much of his time talking to a Rat, though it could just be the fact he's so lonely.

In the episode " Sorcerer in Love ", it was revealed the Sorcerer had a love interest; the Sorceress. Since both share many similarities soon fall for one another spreading chaos together. Unfortunately, their love was cut short when the Sorceress was banished to the Land of Shadows during the battle against the First Ninja. The Sorcerer was saddened by the loss of his beloved.

Much of the Sorcerer's past hadn't been revealed until season two episode " Julian's Birthday Surprise ", where it is revealed that he used to be human before he found a Chaos Pearl and gave into the forces of darkness, which turned him into the Sorcerer. Appearance He is most likely immortal because he has been able to survive for eight-hundred years without his human self. He used to be human, but when he gave himself to evil, he turned into a skinny, bony, and green-skinned hideous creature.

He wears a brown shattered shawl--which was formerly a much fancier and nicer outfit before his imprisonment--and has long sharp claws and a long forked tongue. He also wears his chaos pearls as a belt around his hips.

New Episodes of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Among Disney XD's October Highlights

In the early 13th century, the Sorcerer wore a green Japanese outfit with a kasa Japanese hat and geta sandals. He still had a bony body, although his skin was a lighter shade of green.

Powers and abilities Stank The Sorcerer has the magical ability to a turn human victim into a monsters referred as being Stank Randy.

disney xd meet the faces of randy cunningham

Those who have been Stanked are highly aggressive and vengeful, thus spreading chaos and destruction. This, in turn, helps power the Sorcerer so he can get break free of his prison, generally either by trying to destroy the Ninja or spreading general chaos.

The only way to "Destank" a human is to destroy their most prized possession, which the Stank possesses. People who get Stanked are either weak-willed, have a broken heart, or are going through moments of great emotional trauma. The Stank can find its way to the target all on its own. A few Stanked students creates enough chaos for the Sorcerer to escape.

Stanking also normally gives the victims ironic powers, such as making Buttermaker amphibious or Brent able to breathe fire.

Upon being Destanked, the victim normally forgets all that happened while they were a monster, and even some things that happened before then, as well as being dazed and confused for a short while.

In " Raiders of the Lost Nomicon ", the Sorcerer demonstrates a much more devastating incarnation of stank. He has red Stank, which, unlike the green version, doesn't change people into monsters.

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Instead, it physically affects and manipulates objects. He uses it to almost squeeze the life out of Randy and to create a giant monstrous version of his head that chases Randy, but it is destroyed when Randy gets too far out of range.

The red Stank seems to take more energy and focus for the Sorcerer to create and manipulate outside of his prison.