I pay for everything in the relationship

i pay for everything in the relationship

Is she upset because she is paying for everything? You have been in this relationship for two years which suggests the potential for long-term. Some women get offended if a man insists on paying for everything. many men create unnecessary problems in their relationship with a woman and then try. As my relationship with money and feminism and everything changes, I've started seeing so much more gray where I previously saw black and.

I am thinking about ending our relationship if he refuses again. He makes more than me, and there is no reason he should live with me when I can get a roommate that will pay half those expenses with me.

I told him that my last boyfriend and I for 5 years split rent and utilities. I know that he told me that everything is balanced in this relationship, but I know this is not right. I have told him that we would each have a savings account seperately building up money.

i pay for everything in the relationship

Only if he helps me can we be successful together. This is my last attempt to save our relationship. He gets angry when I bring this up. We have been in a relationship together for 3 years. I have discovered that he is immature.

I have sold my personal belongings when he wanted money and, I have depleted all my saved money due to his influence.

HELP! My Significant Other Makes Me Pay For Everything

How can I make one last effort to talk to him, explain things in a non-threatening way? I find it strange that he refuses to help out at all. I am in disbelief. I have a possible job being offered soon.

Topic: I pay for everything in my relationship! What should I do?

I have to move forward with this opportunity it will change things for the better financially. Inspiration I pay for everything in my relationship! What should I do? This topic contains 18 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 of 19 total Author December 12, at 7: I started off our first date by paying for an afternoon movie and lunch.

i pay for everything in the relationship

So why am I posting this? December 12, at 8: How does he show he cares and loves you for you? He has the elements you want, but how does he show you love?

Hope it works out in whatever is best for you xxx December 12, at 8: Why do you undervalue yourself so much?

i pay for everything in the relationship

Please get to a therapist to help you get out of this. No self respecting man would allow and accept being kept by a woman. It shows his real character. You will not feel like a million dollars when he uses up all your money and break your heart. How can you be sure that this man even likes you or wants to be with you?

With all the money you are giving him, and spending on him without getting anything in return is a sure sign that he is only in this for financial gain. I actually feel very bad for you. You come across as desperate for his attention and approval, so you spend all this money on him hoping he will love you or develop real feelings for you.

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Sorry, it actually does the opposite. He has no respect for you, if he did he would not be using you so callously. I can bet that he would spend money that you keep giving to him on another woman that he really likes and wants to be with. You seems to be his meal ticket. If I were you I would bring it up in conversation with him, and hear what he has to say. In the men time stop giving him your hard earned money,and see how quickly the attention dries up.

i pay for everything in the relationship

December 12, at 9: December 12, at You need to stop investing money in him. I doubt he will step up, because you created a basis for this relationship…do you really need us to tell you what to do? My guess is that you feel paying will keep him with you and you fear by not paying he will go away.

What a sad place to be in, because if a man wants you in his life, he will be the one trying to figure out how to pay for you.

God bless you all… hugs …I cannot thank you enough. December 17, at 3: I think you need to end up, and set up a payment plan for him to repay you all of this.