Indiblogger meet the press

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indiblogger meet the press

Check out the one to one comparison of BlogAdda vs Indiblogger, It recently also concluded a best blogs contest a while back, which received good press. Indiblogger is very popular for its Indiblogger meets and blogging. Bloggers Meet Invite When I got this from Indiblogger on my mail id, I was literally jumping because I had never got an invite prior to any blog. The Delhi HP IndiBlogger Meet is scheduled for this weekend and the media has already expressed their enthusiasm. The Hindustan Times graciously did an.

When I entered the venue, I could see the Surprise Element. Yes, I was asked to register and as soon as I entered the details, my details popped up on huge screen mentioning my check-in and the other surprise element which I have mentioned earlier that I would disclose later was my tweet which I did as soon as I have landed in Cantonment was also showing up on the huge screen.

The event began with an activity where we were asked to come closer to the beautiful stage and we all did some chorus act and singing and then we were asked to take our seats.

I was clicked when I was on the meet. There was a perfect sync with singing with that of drums and guitars.

My First Ever Blogger Meet – ASUS Indiblogger Meet,Bangalore – Another blog of

I should thank Indiblogger yet again since it is in this meet, I met my friend of 3 years — Nivedith. Do I need to say what happened next?? We took a Selfie.

indiblogger meet the press

I missed meeting my other friend Hrish Dhempe as it was his Birthday and he had gone out with his family to celebrate. All I could say is I was stunned hearing the specifications and the pricing for the product. I am sure with the pricing and strategy ASUS has adopted, it will give run for money for top brands. We were then given another activity post this where bloggers has to meet fellow bloggers and try and get their personal thing and top collectors were given vouchers from ASUS.

This was an awesome activity and we all liked it to the core as it was more like an ice-breaker. The final activity was innovative. We were divided into 4 teams and each team was given a theme to enact so that the other team members could find them.

A blog directory is actually a web directory which lists blogs and helps people sorting them out by interests and topics. There are millions of blogs running all over the web and these web directories help people finding what they are looking for. A bloggers community is all this — and more!

Learn SEO Of WordPress With Harsh Agrawal - IndiBlogger Meet

It offers a place for bloggers to congregate, share ideas and learn. Both Blogadda and Indiblogger are the advanced Indian blog directories and blogger communities. Today, I am going to have a look at both these communities and talk about the features of the two of the popular Indian Blogs Directory — BlogAdda and IndiBlogger.

Check out the comparison and let us know which is best for you to start with. BlogAdda BlogAdda is one of the largest communities of Indian bloggers. It brings a widespread platform for bloggers to showcase their blogs and help them promote it to a larger audience.

It helps Indian bloggers to connect with other bloggers thereby building a powerful network. BlogAdda is a simple website with a perfectly user-friendly interface and design which allows users to create a profile and submit their blogs with just a few clicks. Every Tuesday and Saturday the team selects some blog posts and features them on its home page. Apart from these interesting picks BlogAdda also showcase inspiring interviews and lots of other attention-grabbing content. Like most of the other blog directories, BlogAdda also runs certain contests to keep the users active there.

It recently also concluded a best blogs contest a while back, which received good press.

indiblogger meet the press

Reminded us of our first-of-its-kind Best Windows Website Contest we had organised a couple of times, some years back. The home page of the website has a superb design. But I wish there was a site-wide search bar.

Learn SEO Of WordPress With Harsh Agrawal – IndiBlogger Meet

To search, one has to click on the search link to visit the Search page. Registration at BlogAdda is simple, but yes they force bloggers to put up their badge on the site for 48 hours, to prove the ownership. Indiblogger Indiblogger is also a very popular and active blog directory, featuring Indian bloggers of various niche. The website has a simple home page with many segments and sections.

Indiblogger is very popular for its Indiblogger meets and blogging contests sponsored by different groups and the home page slider features these contests. Other segments featured on the homepage include, Indispired posts, recently submitted blog posts, daily activity and Indiblogger meet experiences.

The home page also features the Indivine Tab which lets bloggers showcase their posts, stories and content. A very popular feature among bloggers as it lets them actually and directly share their posts. Next comes the IndiRank Tab which suggests where your blog stands on a scale of