Jade and karkat meet

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jade and karkat meet

Jade: Pester Karkat. . Follow the Troll Call here, and meet the first two here. Expect a few more surprises like this to drop in coming weeks. Posted on Homestuck - Karkat Vantas x Jade Harley - JadeKat. Karkat conquering the tangled mass that is Jade's hair. I wonder if Jade and Karkat will meet in the Dream Bubbles since he was just knocked out in Echidna's.

Karkat turned to face him with a slightly more interested expression. He'd have to find the longest and most boring one he owned to get John back for this. Not that he had any boring movies, but John seemed to think all troll movies were boring.

Stupid wriggler was just too uncultured to appreciate them. I'll play your stupid Truth or Dare. Karkat trailed after him, cursing the whole way about "watching my fucking personal boundaries," and jerked his hand away as soon as John stopped tugging on it and the kitchen door swung shut behind them. He ignored the tingling sensation left by John's hand, and rubbed his own hand against the side of his leg. A few other assorted trolls and humans were gathered around the kitchen table: Rose and Kanaya, Vriska, Feferi, Terezi, and, to Karkat's surprise, Gamzee, who looked as though he might have wandered in by mistake.

Gamzee moseyed over and gave Karkat a lazy smile with half-lidded eyes. His face paint looked the same as ever. You're a real motherfucking bro," Gamzee said. He walked over to the fridge, dug through it, pulled out a 2-liter bottle of orange soda, and walked out of the kitchen contentedly, passing Jade on the way out while she was on the way in. Someone drank all the punch.

jade and karkat meet

Jade sat herself on the edge of the table and looked around at them all. He also noticed that he and John were the only guys present. What the fuck was up with that? Karkat couldn't tell if he was faking enthusiasm for his sister's benefit or if he was genuinely excited to be playing this dumbfuck game. He glanced around at everyone, considering his options.

His eyes lingered on Karkat for a moment, making him exceptionally nervous, but he soon flicked them away and settled his gaze on his blonde friend across the room. Kanaya nodded like she agreed with Rose's logic. Rose surveyed the room, choosing her victim carefully. On her, the expression was terrifying. John held the door open, and they all watched, half horrified, half amused, as Terezi walked up to each and every person and gave them a friendly lick on the cheek.

Some people looked confused, some looked disgusted, and most looked like they were used to this. Dave looked all three, but also slightly fond. Soon enough, Terezi was marching triumphantly through the kitchen door once more. Vriska held up a hand, and Terezi high-fived her. Terezi thought for a moment, and then her face lit up. Her green eyes locked onto Karkat's. It may have been a stupid taunt, but it had the desired effect.

He had a feeling this was more than just a moldy broom or a squeakbeast. She smiled like an evil mastermind. Yup, Karkat was definitely scared of Jade Harley.

I don't need John to go with me! If you two are man enough. John looked down at Karkat. Karkat rolled his eyes again.

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He'd probably have a headache from doing it too much at the end of the night. We'll look in your closet, Harley. They all made enthusiastic noises and followed reluctantly as John and Karkat led the way, a parade of assholes. Soon, they reached the door to the closet. They both looked at it for a moment. Their spectators gathered around, and a hush descended on everyone as they awaited the proceedings.

John looked down at Karkat, whose arms were crossed and who was glaring at the door as if it were all the door's fault that he had to go along with Jade's stupid game. They gazed inside the extremely dark, tiny walk-in closet. Even with his keen troll eyes, it would take a minute to adjust to the lack of light. John looked deeply confused and concerned, but stepped in after Karkat nevertheless.

After a moment of them both fumbling around and searching the floor in the dim light from the hall, Karkat faced the doorway again.

jade and karkat meet

Jade stepped toward the door, grinning sweetly. They both stared at the door for a minute, uncomprehending. Let us out right now! And then I will let you out.

The two boys heard retreating footsteps, and then all was quiet. Karkat still couldn't see in the dark yet, but he could sense that John was about two inches away. Which was not far enough away for Karkat's taste. How is that funny?! What the fuck does that mean, anyway? A short silence followed. He always blushed when he stammered like that.

Karkat hated that he found it almost endearing. They stood there in silence for a few moments. Play cards or something? I've got a deck in my back pocket. Uhh, I guess I'm just I swear I had no idea. I know why, but like, why do they insist that there's He squinted and then his eyes widened.

He saw the glint of John's stupid white buckteeth as the human smiled. I am the reason, Karkat," he teased, "It's me. He seemed to be getting more comfortable with the situation. Do you wanna talk? Karkat felt a twinge of pity. Platonic pity, gogdamn it.

Numb my brain with your bulgebendingly stupid prattle. What the fuck else do I have to do in here? I said I'd watch a troll movie with you if you played the human game? It's going to be a fucking classic, though, so you should feel blessed that I'm even gracing you with the opportunity to watch it, especially after this disaster, you piece of shit. She has all kinds of wacky thoughts that I couldn't possibly predict! She's fucking clever enough. Karkat shoved him lightly again, and John backed into one of the supply shelves, laughing.

There was a scraping and shuffling sound. The back of his head throbbed where it had struck the ground and something sharp was digging into his stomach. What the hell did she have in those boxes?! By the end of Act 5, all of them have died and been resurrected as God Tiers. Jade in particular, as her God Tier incorporated Bec their universe's First Guardian and a sprite although it's not visible, Word of God confirms the powers are still there making her even stronger than a normal God-Tiered Hero of Space.

Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: By the end of Act 5, each of the kids has died twice in the alpha timeline. Dave and Rose died the first time and were revived via their dreamselves, then those selves died and became God Tier.

jade and karkat meet

John's real body was killed and he ascended to his God Tier, and then he was killed again by Bec Noir but auto-revived shortly afterwards. Jade's dreamself died, was brought back as her Sprite, and then became her God Tier when her real body died on her quest bed.

At least three, possibly four times each by Act 6 Act 6 Act 5. Upon reaching the post-Scratch session, Jade was mind-controlled to evil and had a house dropped on her by Aranea, who manipulated Doc Scratch's clock into ruling this a Just death.

Dave tries to retrieve her body for revival, but is killed by Jack and PM. Rose attacks the Condesce and gets speared for it. Dave's and Rose's deaths are both ruled Heroic deaths. And John retcons the universe, causing his post-retcon self to explode with his planet on the battleship.

Finally, all of the beta kids get their souls sucked into Caliborn's juju weapon, allegedly removing them permanently, though it's unknown if this happened to versions of the kids from the alpha timeline or an alternate timeline. Of course, that's not even counting doomed-timeline selves, where John, Rose, and Jade all have at least one dead version of themselves, and Dave, thanks to his time-traveling shenanigans, has numerous.

In general, the Prospit dreamers tend to be more honest with their emotions while the Dersites tend to conceal their feelings behind prose and humor.

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God Tiers take this even further—John was able to kill hordes of enemies who were given attributes of a Physical God in a matter of seconds.

Jade's God Tier incorporates Bec and Jadesprite, making her stronger than normal, and John developed the ability to time travel and teleport randomly throughout the entire story.

It is only natural that Dave, who was given a lava planet, would be the best friend and obvious crush of Jade, who ends up stuck on a planet that is entirely frozen. It even turns out a large part of their role in completing the game is having Dave melt Jade's planet as they learn to work together. Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: They tend to play this to each other. Jade and Rose are the responsible onesalthough they too fall into melodrama or silliness sometimes.

All four kids bear strong physical and psychological resemblances to their biological parents. However, while Jade and John take after their same-gender parents in both mind and body, Dave and Rose physically resemble their same-gender parents but have personalities more like their opposite-gender parents.

Upon ascension to God Tiers, Rose and Dave's Hero symbols occasionally appear in their eyes and Jade's eyes are just plain weird; they fade away and show where she's going to teleport. Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: John and Dave use melee weapons. Rose and Jade prefer ranged weapons, although they're both capable of holding their own in melee. Extends to their personalities too. John and Jade are generally upbeat and positive, while Dave and Rose are snarkier and aloof. Dave is depicted with red eyes and light hair, leading to speculation that he might have some form of albinism — especially since his biological mother is light-haired and pink-eyed.

Rose's purple eyes might indicate a milder form of the same condition. Rose gets stabbed in the chest by The Condesce, and dies soon after Roxy saves her. As both of their deaths were Heroic, they are permanently dead in that timeline, at least. Turns out not any regular schumck can survive Sburb; only some people can, being predestined for it, and they're also destined to become demigods. I Believe I Can Fly: All of them can fly as part of God Tiers, though Dave and Rose really have no explained reason why, aside from that dreamselves are kinda weird.

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God Tiers come with God Hoods. However, Rose's is probably the only one that would be seen as a traditional hood; John's is a giant windsock, Jade's has been compared to a pair of stockings, and Dave's is a close fitting coif. In the mythos of the Post-Scratch Session, they are continually referred to as "The Gods", as at that point they have all reached their God Tiers.

They're all 13 years old at the beginning of the story and go on to fight war spanning five universes. Like Father, Like Son: All four kids resemble their guardians in some way. John, meanwhile, has Dad's love of pranks and Doting Parent persona when around Casey and Jade has Grandpa's aim, eccentricity and love of animals.

Tied into their powers see below. They all make weapons and items that allow them to focus their powers, but by the time they reach the top of their echeladders they no longer need them. John skipped most of his Echeladder, and thus never made an item; based on what his consorts say, he may have made a flute to play the wind, if it were a normal session at least.

Played with in the form of Rose's Thorns of Ogloloth. It's implied that the Horrorterrors are giving her powers, that she is manifesting them by inverting her aspect, Lightand that she has the power to do so but it is still corrupting her, all at the same time.

Dave and John enjoy joking around too much to show how smart they are most of the time, and Jade willingly hides up until Sburb the full extent of her knowledge. Rose however has no real compulsions to do so and does not. During Acts 4 and 5, the comic became much more of an ensemble piece, and the Kids faded from the sole spotlight unlike where they were in earlier acts.

Though the comic can also concentrate on them for periods of time, it is just less frequent as the number of characters increased. All of them as of ascending to the God Tiers, but Jade especially. Sealed Good in a Can: Caliborn trapped all four of the kids' souls within his juju shortly after defeating Yaldabaoth. Vriska frees the kids for a final offscreen battle against Caliborn in the finale, though we never see what condition they were in when they emerged.

Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: John, Rose, and Dave are all subject to US compulsory education laws Jade gets a pass, living on a remote Pacific islandyet none of them ever mention classes or even other friends and acquaintances. Hussie's statement on this was " They're too cool for school. And also, too fictional. Everyone but Rose, who double subverts this. She is definitely the most openly intellectual of the Kids but is also the most Genre Blind.

Everyone who plays Sburb is destined to become a demigod, and in addition, the Kids have reached their God Tiers, which make their powers even stronger and have Resurrective Immortality.

jade and karkat meet

Of them, Jade is by far the strongest. John is the Heir of Breath, and has strong wind powersand some natural extensions of that, like Flight. Karkat begins to both simultaneously try to help and harass her. She stops talking to him for a while. Karkat telling himself not to pick on Jade. Thanks to Vriska, her sprite gets prototyped with her god dog, which makes the big bad so powerful he breaks their game. The plus side is that the big bad cannot attack Jade, because her dog loved her too much.

He is pissed about this. In retaliation he sent out an incompetent assassin to kill her for him. She soon learns from Tavros that he had saved her life when she was a child, but in turn killed her grandfather. It did give her an idea, though!

Karkat Vantas

Her grandfather, via a time paradox, found her dead dreamself and stuffed her in the attic. Jade prototyped her dead self with the sprite so she could ask herself to go fight the big bad.

Because of this, though, she was able to bond with Karkat and they actually started to help one another out. This proved to be a huge pain in the ass for Karkat, but it helped Jade quite a bit. Kanaya told Jade that it was her job to create the new universe, which is apparently a frog.