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I was able to visit a Hutterite Colony this past week in Alberta, it They meet every evening after dinner for 30 minutes and on. Call for Photos to Commemorate Hutterite-Manitoba Centennial Published in: Kenny Wollman's Blog Ranch Colony in Montana, who were featured in the National Geographic Channel's recent series, Meet The Hutterites. This blog, Hutteriian Bretheran, is an excellent blog about the true Hutterites and their beliefs. The only thingI would differ from them is that I.

Hutterites are NOT like the Amish at all.

meet the hutterites blog

Hutterites have top of the line appliances. We are talking about a huge fryer, a machine that can cook 70 steaks in 10 minutes, a gigantic bowl for making large quanties of soup, and that was just the first room. The bakery room had a giant mixing bowl for bread making, a large walk in proofing and baking oven and even a loaf making machine. I realized I couldnt get the bread recipe because it would be for a huge quantity!

By the way…our adorable 12 year old Bertha gave me 2 of their fresh homemade buns and I was in heaven. Next on the kitchen tour were a few gigantic walk in fridges, and freezers. And a large pantry. They use a lot of top of the line appliances instead of doing things the old fashioned way. PS — I took a picture of their real food menu for the day. Next on the tour was their chapel.

meet the hutterites blog

But it was just a room with some pews and a table at the front. They meet every evening after dinner for 30 minutes and on Sundays for 1 and a half hours of worship services. The School After the chapel we walked to another building to see their school. They had 2 classrooms — one for ages and one for ages Girls only go to school until they are 14 and boys until they are There was also a library. Lots of fun books there.

The Las Vegas Badger: American Colony: Meet The Hutterites: Another Fake Show?

What was really cool was that under the classrooms was a cement hockey room — where the boys can play hockey. Oh yeah, they are Canadians… Everything was absolutely pristine clean. Both in the kitchen, and in this classroom.

Let me just tell you what Bertha said — she said even though school is out for the summer, the girls and women clean the whole schoolhouse once a week including inside and outside windows.

My Visit To A Hutterite Colony {+ How Hutterites are NOT like the Amish}

Those floors were so shiny I hated to step on them. Not kidding… these ladies work really hard on keeping things clean.

meet the hutterites blog

However I was told by my Father in law that has been around Hutterites for many years that the women on the colonies are basically considered by the men to be help-meets. What I mean by that is that their whole purpose in life is to cook, clean, and sew.

And that is pretty much all they do. And then it was taken down after one day and they just have to work. No more fun swimming. It's unfortunate that Jeff Collins and his production team chose to come through the back door rather than the proper channels to receive permission to film our people. Scenes and dialogue were contrived resulting in a 'make believe' depiction of how we live and the spiritual beliefs we cherish," the statement continued.

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meet the hutterites blog

They thus worked out an agreement with the creators agreeing to "accurately portray" the Hutterites. The show began airing on May 29 and so far, the bishops aren't happy and believe the show is in "serious breach" of contract.

The bishops initially trusted the National Geographic Channel, considering "its stellar reputation. They go down to get the deer with their guns but when they bring the deer up and through the river and up hills, the uns disappear.

Then when they get home from hunting, in their ATV, they didn't have their guns with them. Several other problems with the show.

It seems like they picked the people with the stupidest accents for the show and the accents go from Swedish to German accents. These people didn't come to from Germany, they were all born in the U. English on the farm.

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So why do they have such thick accents? You never see them pray and they swear a lot. Hardly, Hutterite behavior, especially by the young kids. Finally, the lack of respect by the young kids to the elders would never be tolerated. But here is an expert view on the show: There are dysfunctional colonies and Amish and Mennonite communities with colorful behavior that embarrasses their parent bodies. In a sense they are fair game to secular documentarians and their audience.