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meet the masters homeschool review forum

Finding that teachable art curriculum that has everything can be very But whether you feel you are gifted in art or not, Meet the Masters is. As of November 1, , the Sonlight Forums are no longer in use. You are currently viewing a static archive of the curriculum forums from our. Not sure "how" to homeschool your students? There are no specific times set up for each subject, but instead the child is expected to meet certain educational goals. curriculum that comes with textbooks, study schedules, grades and record .. prints from a variety of different artists (including the Masters), and craft and.

With every lesson your child produces lovely finished projects. Skills Practice- Before asking children to complete a project, it guides them and you through practice exercises.

Review of Meet the Masters- Art Education Software

Skills Application- Every project is well planned, tested, and explained applying what was learned during both the appreciation and skills practice. This program is user friendly. The artist slide show and lesson plans are computer based. It is a big plus not having another binder on the homeschool bookshelf. You simply sign in and download the PDF file for the lessons you purchased.

meet the masters homeschool review forum

After you log in and select the artist, you can print the lesson plan or start the lesson. Instructions for teaching about the artist and his work.

meet the masters homeschool review forum

This gives you word for word instructions for teaching about the artist and directs you through the online slide show presentation. Worksheets for the skill practice and technique.

Meet The Masters Review

You will print out worksheets for skill practice. The first page is a concise overview summarizing the artist, media, vocabulary, technique, and supplies used in the lesson which is handy during preparation.

The program requires some preparation- becoming familiar with the content and preparing materials. Preparation time is approximately 30 minutes plus purchasing art supplies. Actual instruction time from beginning to end is hours.

A lesson can be taught over several weeks or all at once. I like teaching it all at once, highlighting an artist each month or so. I loved having the option to purchase additional family license. This allowed me to host an art co-op this last summer in my home and to share my love for teaching art to others. Though the program introduces advanced techniques, it meets children at their level: Gradesor Advanced: For large families the middle age group can be adapted for your younger or older children so that only one program need be purchased.

  • Review of Meet the Masters- Art Education Software

This expires after 3 years. Meet the Masters assumes that one artist per month will be covered.

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Students learn about each master in a three step process. Step one, the software takes the students through a tour of the history and time period that the artist lived in.

Each artist has a featured work.

meet the masters homeschool review forum

Some masters have audio clips, others do not. A script is provided for the teacher to read. This is where breaking down the software by age group is very helpful. Pre-K students will not have the attention span that high school students have. A printout of each lesson is given to the students so that everyone has their own individual packet. For each lesson, materials required are listed so the teacher knows what to have on hand. Teacher Support 5 out of 5 It can be difficult to teach about the artists without some background in art.

Meet the Masters solves this problem for teachers and parents. The script is written to be read with the online lesson. Support in the form of lesson preparations is given with each master. By reading the guide prior to the lesson, teachers will be prepared and understand all of the concepts to be taught.

Even the most un-artistic person can teach this course if they follow the information given. The cost for a school version depends on the number of computers the software will installed on. This is discussed with a representative from Meet the Masters.