Meet the press 2 23 14

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meet the press 2 23 14

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI spoke to the Capitol press corps around 7 p.m., and if TRUMP said the opposite two days ago in his Cabinet meeting, but we got DAY 14 This shutdown is now tied for the fourth-longest shutdown in U.S. history. When Pelosi arrived on Capitol Hill in , there were 23 female members. Meet the Press - Watch episodes on and the NBC App. Chuck Todd hosts the Sunday EXPIRING Meet the Press - 12/2 S71 E | 12/23/ By Chuck Todd, Meet the Press 8/23/, Free, View in iTunes. 9 Clean The messy history of America's asylum policy, From the SS St. Louis in World War II, to President Trump's detention policies, America has a messy history when it.

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meet the press 2 23 14

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meet the press 2 23 14