Meet the real life superheroes chicago

This Is This: Chicago’s Super Heroes | The Chicago Ambassador

meet the real life superheroes chicago

Who told Superheroes doesn't exist in real life? leap into fame at the Parliament of Religions held in Chicago in , at which he represented Hinduism. Source: Google, Swami Vivekananda, Meet the top 10 activists of India, Bachhpan. I'm talking about the homeless, right here in Chicago. They also have patches on their shoulders with the initials “RLSH,” short for Real Life Super Hero. While waiting for me at our meeting spot in Millennium Park, they. Tea Krulos with a group of Real Life Superheroes at Chicago Comic Con. During the research stage of the project, Krulos traveled to meet.

meet the real life superheroes chicago

Hide Caption 3 of 4 Photos: Everyday courage — In spite of their super-suits, Purple Reign and Phoenix Jones insist that you don't need a costume to be a hero.

They say their primary goal is to get people to engage with their communities, and not be bystanders when they see injustice.

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He is getting ready to venture into the night, looking for anyone who may be breaking the law. The 25 year old is not a policeman with a quirky dress sense, but one of the most prominent members of the real-life-superhero community, a movement of people who wear costumes inspired by comic book characters, trying to prevent crimes in their area.

Jones patrols Seattle's more troubled neighborhoods five nights a week with his group, the Rain City Superhero Movement.

meet the real life superheroes chicago

His decision to become a real-life caped crusader came after his car was broken into, and his young son was hurt by the shattered glass. Most do humanitarian or homeless outreach while others fancy themselves as crime fighters, acting as a cross between the Guardian Angels and Charles Bronson.


Recently, I became aware of two brothers from Northwest Indiana, both in their 40s, who routinely try to bring a smile to the homeless. They do so by providing them with some food, socks, jackets and other needed staples — and they do it anonymously, dressed as super heroes.

They allowed me to tag along one Saturday in December. Crusade Prime and Wraith hitting the streets in search of homeless people to help.

This Is This: Chicago’s Super Heroes

The men, who go only by their super hero names of Crusader Prime and Wraith, dress in long overcoats and masks. I met them in Millennium Park, which was crowded with tourists and Christmas shoppers. They had large suitcases and duffel bags containing packs of goods that they planned to give to the homeless.

While waiting for me at our meeting spot in Millennium Park, they had not put on their masks yet — explaining that two grown men with large bags wearing masks during the peak of the Christmas season may scare the public and attract the police. So we walked to Randolph Street, and ventured down into the bowels of the city.

Caped crusaders on patrol - meet the real life superheroes

There is a large cement wall between the street and the sidewalk that rises about three feet up there. I noticed that the cars zooming by could not see the homeless in that spot who were laying on blankets on the cold, dirty sidewalk.

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They also said that revealing their identities would defeat the purpose of their work: On a recent outing, snow accumulated on Crusader Prime's wagon of blankets, T-shirts and red mittens as he carried food packs containing Pop-Tarts, crackers and other snacks.

It was not the most nutritious fare, he conceded, but "it gets someone through the day.

meet the real life superheroes chicago

A Millennium Park security guard eyed them warily as they crossed Michigan Avenue. We had a couple guys drive by, saying that we were terrorists. So, you know, everybody's got their opinion.

Near Jewelers Row, Patchwork arrived from Kenosha sporting a layered array of shredded clothing that concealed catcherlike leg guards and a chest plate.

meet the real life superheroes chicago