Rebuilding after the relationship

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rebuilding after the relationship

The course is based on the book 'Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends' by Dr Bruce Fisher, a copy of which is included in the cost of the course. Relationships flourish when partners trust each other to be honest, faithful, respectful, kind, consistent and open to resolving conflict (among many other things). 2 days ago Relationships are difficult, and rebuilding a broken relationship is When you initiate a conversation, a simple “Hi” or quick invite is enough.

Recognize that you need time to regroup and focus on you. The goal during this time is to heal and get clear about what you want your next step to look like. Create someplace safe to explore.

Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends by Bruce Fisher

Rather than searching for the next long-term situation, find situations that make you feel safe to explore. The key is that this space allows you to take a deep breath, heal, and focus on you.

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  • Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends (Rebuilding Books; For Divorce and Beyond)

Commit to relying on yourself. This is not the time to be dating or entering into other relationships.

rebuilding after the relationship

The purpose of this rebuilding phase is to focus on you — to rebuild your sense of self, confidence, and identity as an individual. You do this by learning to rely on yourself. Decorate your apartment in a way that makes you happy.

Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends | Divorce Recovery Support

Learn to address your emotional voids by relying on you, not somebody else. Get the help you need to heal and move forward. Reflect upon your last relationship and find the resources you need to heal. Identify your trusted support network. Identify people who have proven to be worthy of your time and energy.

Focus on quality of relationships, rather than quantity. Develop a daily practice.

rebuilding after the relationship

One thing I do not agree with about this book is that this journey is a linear process. I do not feel that I must work through all of one chapter before moving on to the next, Overall this was a very helpful book. I do not feel that I must work through all of one chapter before moving on to the next, as certain issues will surface and possibly resurface at different times, and several may come up at once or in a different order than they are presented in the book.

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I found it helpful to read the book in its entirety first and then to go back and work on the chapters that I feel are most important for my healing at this time. Sometimes the exercises suggested in the chapters are not particularly helpful to me, or else I feel like we have only scratched the surface of an idea and there is a lot more to explore.

rebuilding after the relationship

However, each chapter is very valuable in the concepts that it expresses and the way it gets you thinking and feeling about yourself and your situation. I will go out and seek other books and materials to compliment the information I have learned here and dig deeper in some areas where need be. I am very grateful to this book for being so thorough and inviting me to examine many different parts of the letting go and rebuilding process. It has given me a great deal of self awareness and left me feeilng empowered and excited to tackle these old issues now and make my life the best that it can be.


It will give you tools and ideas on how to cope and recover. I stopped because my married life improved and I read it completely in The analogy with a mountain you trekk through is apt. The book provides a solid foundation to explain the myriad emotions we have to work through as we separate from a loved one: Every chapter ends with a self test to evaluate your progress.

This is a book you will read in one shot to understand the road ahead and then, as you walk the road, you will be able to read one chapter at a time according to how it resonates with you.

rebuilding after the relationship