Bruce rossmeyer harley davidson swap meet

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bruce rossmeyer harley davidson swap meet

8 for the Bruce Rossmeyer's Harley-Davidson Super Swap Car and Motorcycle Swap Meet. The Swap vendors offered motorcyclist and. 27th Annual Jam-On Productions Motorcycle Swap Meet & Bike Show Biketoberfest at Bruce Rossmeyer's Daytona Harley-Davidson. Located adjacent to the world's largest Harley-Davidson dealership at Bruce include Biker Block Party, Super Swap Sunday Car & Motorcycle Swap Meet and of shopping outlets including Bruce Rossmeyer's Harley-Davidson showroom.

Bruce Rossmeyer's, Worlds Largest Harley Dealership - PT 1

She is all smiles tonight as always. Speedy, lead singer and acoustical guitar player with Floyd on the drums Dylan, rhythm player and David is bass guitarist tonight Bruce is another rhythm guitar player in the Praise Band. There are also bags of cookies, pretzels, corn chips etc.

You also have your choice of regular or decaf coffee. Christopher at the sound board Rusty arrives on her trike. This is a Suzuki Bergman cc bike with the touring package on it. It is normally a two wheel bike but the package makes it a trike. It also has an automatic transmission for those who can't shift or never learned how to shift. In a very short time this Sanctuary will be full, almost to standing room only. God is really moving at the Broken Chains Freedom Church and it continues to grow Moe arrives and has Dennis's business sign on the tailgate of her pickup as well as a Broken Chains Freedom Church decal.

Give him a call today at and see what he can do for you. Another biker decal under Moe's F lettering on her tailgate.

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Her is Moe with just one of her hilarious t-shirts that she has The front of Moe's t-shirt A church member's Harley Another church member's Harley cc Sportster Custom Ron arrives at the church Barbara arrives at the church. Way to go Barbara! LeAnn Barbara's daughterRon and Barbara Steve arrives at the church on his bike Another church member's bike Flip arrives at the church and is in a great mood and is all grins This is Amy with her son, Colter, at the church Another Church member arrives This is Amy.

She is engaged to Dustin, who is enroute to the church with Tom or Crazy Tom as he is called by those who know him. This is Rooster's bike. But that is fixin to change on July 6, Another member arrives with his son as a passenger and this is his Harley Niki Flips wife arrives and is all smiles.

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Johnny is a cancer survivor. As I heard, the church laid hands on him and prayed. This is Phyllis and Myra. I believe they said they use to be co-workers a while back The Praise Band starts the service. He is a member of B. I also must assume that he is a personal friend of yours, and for that I am sorry for your loss.

Either way, unless you are under the presumption that wearing a helmet while riding does not improve the survivability of many accidents my point is still valid.

bruce rossmeyer harley davidson swap meet

It sucks that the guy died, I FULLY support his right to endanger his life most any way, but I of course am not a close friend or family member.

He'd rather those who are dumb enough to ride without helmets to do so regularly. The way I see it: You have the privilege to ride. You may or may not have the privilege to ride helmet-less.

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You do not have the privilege to give somebody the right to scoop your brain back into your skull with a shovel. What about people who smoke oh wise man, please enlighten me instead of smoking they should just stick a shotgun in their mouth. There's a little more to it than being helmetless. Did the truck pulling the trailer have it's turn signal on?

bruce rossmeyer harley davidson swap meet

Was there a double yellow line? Rossmeyer riding aggressively at that time? Also we sitting here in front of our computers have no idea if the accident was survivable with a helmet. The brain can only put up with so many Gs whether it is in a bucket or not.

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Although he had a full life, 66 is still too young to go. Take this debate up in another thread. A friend of mine died last fall trying to pass a semi truck who was making a right turn at an intersection. Apparently, the truck was not straddling the intersection correctly he was in the left-turn lane but my friend should have used caution. Instead, he rode through with some speed, clipped the truck, lost control, and hit a pole head-on with no helmet.