Bu mini meet results 2015 poster

BU Mini Meet #2 - Overall (Raw)

bu mini meet results 2015 poster

Description: Last year, iGEM Eindhoven organized a Mini jamboree to practice for your presentations and poster sessions in the presence of an experienced jury. . As METU_HS_Ankara team this will be the first meet-up we host and we are contribute to the development, results or implementation of your own project. The result showed significant increased Apo-A1 expression in HCC group (P Mini rSO2 was significantly lower in patients having a nadir of Hb below 8g/dL. Mini rSO2 .. C PATIENTS WHO DO NOT MEET INCLUSION CRITERIA FOR REGISTRATION TRIALS. Contact E-mail Address: btcmu.info [email protected] Manager 12/16/ PM BU Mini Meet 2 - 12/16/ Boston University Track and Tennis Center Results Mixed Meter Dash.

Coffee and lunch will be provided.

Boston University Indoor Mini Meet 2

This is a one-day meetup at the University of La Verne, California. During this conference, teams can share their projects with iGEMers, and get to know each other through group activities. We hope that this conference opens up the opportunities for southern California iGEM teams to collaborate with each other. Our itinerary will be subject to change depending on how many participants attend.

July 7, Location: Every team participating will be given the chance to present their project in front of a jury composed of various professionals. This year we will also schedule round tables about bioethics and how regulations may be a restraint to innovation.

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For security reasons, the itinerary will be given to registered participants. This event has passed.

bu mini meet results 2015 poster

Please check back soon for a summary of the event. July 6, Location: At NEGEM, teams will have time to present their project, receive feedback from other teams, and discuss potential summer collaborations.

Participants will also have some time to have fun and meet new people! Contact us by email to register. July 3, Location: St Andrews, UK Description: Anyone interested in attending should contact us via the email below. Dr V Anne Smith: June 30, Location: Every team will have the opportunity to present their project to attendees.

bu mini meet results 2015 poster

There will be sightseeing and networking activities. Please fill out information here.

bu mini meet results 2015 poster

The event was a success and everyone gained valuable advice from the panelists. Together, they answered questions about why they decided on radiology and what is appealing about a career in radiology. They also provided valuable information about the application process, focusing on who to ask for recommendation letters. The film revolves around Vivian Bearing, an English literature professor grappling with her diagnosis of metastatic stage IV ovarian cancer and her inevitable death, and touches on issues of palliative and end-of-life care and portrays a uniquely humanistic perspective of a terminally ill cancer patient.

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The screening was followed by discussion with Dr. Lisa Norton from geriatrics about these issues. The objective of this conference was to exchange medical information, achievements, solutions, to encourage solidarity between all medical students of Korean heritage, and continue to engage the North Korean counterparts for open dialogue regarding health and socioeconomic development.

From the US side, two doctors and one medical student lectured and discussed with PMC students, who were mostly in their 6th or 7th [final year]. This was presented to an audience of medical students, residents, fellows, and attendings from across the world. Additionally, a facilitator allowed for formal discussion among similar research posters.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have attended this international meeting; it served as motivation and a positive reminder of how basic scientific advancements can improve the lives of patients!