Bub meet 2009

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bub meet 2009

Max Lambky considered pulling the plug on his racing efforts after the Bub meet. He's a part of the makeup of Bonneville that somehow. Editor's Note: At the Cook Private meet held on the salt three weeks after BUB, Chris Carr piloted BUB Seven to a new FIM and AMA record with a two-way. It would be the first time I attend the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials with Flyer, ridden by Pete Davis, bumped from the books late in the meet.

We also had to show them our leather zoot suit, leather gloves, leather boots and helmet. The duckbill visor was not going to help aerodynamics, but in conjunction with the windshield would keep the Salt off our face. After this it's off to pre-staging where there would be another hour wait and that's before the hour wait at staging.

It's f'in hot out there and I'm not used to it. It was 44 deg when I left home at 4am the other day. I don't put on the leathers until I absolutely have to. At this point I'm hanging out with the ipod blaring over the stereo. Rob Halford is screaming for vengence and everyone likes it so we do an extended Judas Priest set. It seems to take the edge off the wait.

That is until the Hodaka gets fired up. I didn't think cc could be that annoying, I mean loud.

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Next it's time to actually run the mountain course. I can't believe I'm actually here! OK, I almost forgot what our expectations were from this bike. I have plenty of experience with this bike as I've rode it all around Nevada, Cali and Baja. On our trip last year from Vegas to Cabo San Lucas we have had this bike doing a sustained mph for about 20 - 40mi on a paved straightaway somewhere between Loreto and LaPaz.

It's been modified since then with a racing ignition and a pipe and a couple of other things. We are hoping for somewhere between and mph. We say whatever and we're going for it. We're clueless n00bs, WTF do we know. We're here, we don't care.

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From what I know so far the Salt is kind of grippy, somewhere between a hardpack dirt road and pavement. The tires are new so I should be good.

I'm on the mountain course starting at mile one. The timed section is between miles two and three and your speed is determined by the time it takes to go the whole mile. I've heard that the Salt Flats are so expansive that you can actually see the curvature of the earth. That ain't no BS. Here's the view from right before I roll onto the actual course. The starter waves the green flag and I'm off. By the time I see mile marker two coming up I'm going as fast as the bike will go.

I look at the speedo and it says a little over WTF, I should be going faster than this! The bike is moving around a litle under me, kind of like doing 90 across a frozen lake with a little snow on top. No biggie, just stay loose. As I get a little into the timed section the windshield starts to bend back toward me. I figure I'll just duck down and get behind it.

bub meet 2009

Well, the helmet visor catches of the edge of the windshield and I can't get any lower. To top it off the increased air flow from the windshield angles the helmet up so it's getting pulled back off my head.

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Anyone who has ridden at speed with a motocross helmet knows this feeling. To top it off I can feel the wind getting under my goggles and they're being pulled off my face. Hartmut went mph in only second gear. Don just ran If you ever get this thing running in the top of high gear, we all might be in trouble. Max smiled, knowing I was right.

2009 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at Bonneville

Apparently his wife already told him they better make room in the garage for Black Lightning because it sounded like there was more work to be done. Staying true to his sport, Billy was riding a long track speedway bike with a laid down Jawa engine running on alcohol sporting a two-speed gearbox.

His target was a In just his first outing on the salt Billy ran He and his wrench, Geoff Arnold of Joker Machine, vow to come back next year and finish where they left off.

bub meet 2009

Scott Knudson crashed the Go Go Gadget racer, causing minimal damage. The team made several more passes later on. I watched the Lamberd brothers entry, Vision-One, a roll bar equipped Go-Go Gadget racer spinning the rear tire as it left the start. Scott Knudsen, a former sprint car racer and American Indy Car Series competitor ran the unique machine through its paces trying to post the fastest speed of the four-rider team.

Vision-One probably makes more runs in a single meet than any other machine.

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Brothers Gary and Robin, Willie Cooper, and Scott Knudsen all share the experience and the job of building and maintaining their high-speed racer. Rider and machine were okay, though both were packed in salt. They narrowed it down to a new nose cone mounted to the front suspension.

bub meet 2009

At speed it causes the bike to fishtail A very unlikable trait! The rider of the latter wore a matching reddish-orange Mohawk suggesting he was as colorful as his three-wheeled mount. Jim Meyer designed and built the pair, and both have records to their credit.