Chrysler 300 club alamogordo meet

Donald Edward Rook

chrysler 300 club alamogordo meet

Area auto enthusiasts may find themselves doing a double take on local roads this week as the Chrysler CLub International holds its Springs Meet in. The 44th Annual Fall Concours Meet was held in Alamogordo, New Mexico in conjunction with the Chrysler Club Incorporated. A good crowd of over Bill Allen's C What a setting for the car show! Hershel McGriff's Hurst. He bought it new. Crescent taillights at their best. Pat Cole and Linda Burke.

Thursday evening Jim Krausmann set a record with a minute Business Meeting of the Chrysler Club International, efficiently covering a complete agenda in the allotted time. As always it was a most enjoyable and entertaining evening. There is nothing like the feeling of inspecting the group picnic area at White Sands on Thursday morning and finding it totally flooded with water — one big lake. It was literally a miracle that this lake drained, leaving just a few puddles in time for our event Friday evening.

chrysler 300 club alamogordo meet

Again, check out the spectacular pictures of our s and other MoPars among the White Sands dunes at sunset. There was a class for every and Mopar. Every letter car was represented except a H. Marilyn and I must apologize again for the awards banquet. The food was good as expected. However, three of the wait staff failed to show up for work. This left only three people to serve people in unbearable heat and humidity. We were able to negotiate a sizable refund for The Chrysler Club, Inc.

chrysler 300 club alamogordo meet

I just wish it had been large enough for a partial refund for the attendees that suffered through our banquet. Kermit Eskelsen and Bruce Toelle wisely relocated our awards presentations to the Fairfield Inn and Suites, the host hotel.

Chrysler Club International

Unfortunately, only about 80 of us were able to attend this enjoyable event. We lost a few attendees between the restaurant and the hotel. Again, see all the pictures of award winners in the Brute Force publication. Although only a few hot air balloons launched on Saturday due to a flooded Balloon Park launch site, a record of 38 hot air balloons launched early Sunday morning at the White Sands Balloon Invitational.

Congratulations to Mark, Pauline and Mathew Obermann as well as Tom and Bea Gorse who received free tethered rides in hot air balloons. We are unaware if others received balloon rides.

If so, let us know. We can see why the Allen's chose this place for this chapter in their rich and full lives. Forward Looking to the next meet. Thanks again to the Allens' for their hosting of the event. The booklet, outlining day trips, routes and general information was super helpful and gave us many options for our free time. It was obvious that the planning took quite a bit of time and effort and we just wanted to let them know that we appreciated all of the work that went into this!

It was good to put faces with the names we see on the e-mails and we look forward to attending more events in the future. The landscape and scenery in southern NM were really special and the experience of a Club picnic at that White Sands National Monument will be unforgettable.

chrysler 300 club alamogordo meet

I'll also long remember the landscape and terrain at the Allen's home; it was spectacular. Overall though, it is the friends and members you get to see or meet again, or get to meet for the first time, that are the most memorable for me. While I understand the complications of hosting a joint meet can mean a lot of extra work, I'm thankful for the opportunity to meet new folks and see new cars.

chrysler 300 club alamogordo meet

I read most of Charles' book 'Bootlegger 40 Ford' on the long plane trip home and really enjoyed the stories. Charles had told me 'the stories are all true except for the parts I made up', and I now believe that.

Everything was first rate and we took away many great memories. The White Sands National Monument setting for the picnic was breathtaking at sunset.

chrysler 300 club alamogordo meet

So much work and effort beforehand and during the event made it a great success. Thanks also to the brave and hardy souls who brought their cars despite the weather forecasts.

What a treat to see the cars and talk with the owners.

Insane Chrysler 300 with dirty sound system at Strada car meet

We had such a nice time catching up with everyone before the inevitable journey home. Before we left, we were lucky enough to experience a tethered hot air balloon ride Sunday morning at Balloon Park. A drive up to Bill and Marilyn's hillside home with those endless views was the final "meet" stop before heading down to the airport.

Matthew had lots of fun playing with his new little 68 Dart and 71 Challenger cars at the airport gate. Glad everyone made it home safe and sound.