Clara meet 2013 badminton horse

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clara meet 2013 badminton horse

Other local riders in the ribbons recently are Clara Dews (age 13) seen here riding her pony – Kerandi Rubywiz (Chestnut), with her pal Grace. At the next IOC meeting, it was decided to hold a special Equestrian Olympic Games Stars of Pau twice (, ), the Badminton Horse Trials twice ( , . Baron Fredrik von Blixen-Finecke and Countess Clara Krag-Juel-Wind- Frijs. FEI Veterinary Regulations, 13th edition effective 1st January, • FEI Eventing . Email: [email protected] .. to meet other requirements for vaccination and Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication.

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We found him in Oli, a strapping 5 year old ISH. A lovely little horse that has kept our now 15 year old teenager son still hooked on eventing. Email all articles and pictures to Helen helenbellequestrian. Gabriella has had great success from the start last year with her a few results below this year she she came 2nd in the star of the north finalqualified for final at great Yorkshire show. Qualified for scope debut EHPI qualified for springboard final at poys pony of year and also 10 years and under gallop north final!

After buying Toddy as a 5 year old from you last April, I've had 2 great eventing seasons on him completing BE courses.

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I'm having a lot of fun on him and looking forward to this seasons hunting and next year for eventing him again! Also thanks for helping me with my cross country and show jumping its helped me a lot! Excited to see how he goes next season! Vicks x Georgie and Kilty we bought this young horse from Ireland as a 5 year old and georgie bought him from us as her 1st horse 1st at PC Intermediate Horse Trials What a great job Georgie is doing with this lovely young horse she bought from us last year one of the highlights being 1st at PC Intermediate Horse Trials Mylerstown Ben and Victoria Hi Helen Thanks for a great day at the hunter trials today.

Its been just over a year Sept since we bought Ben from you and he has been fantastic. He is just how you told us he would be and can turn his hooves to anything.

clara meet 2013 badminton horse

As the old saying goes, if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. How do we make our sport more accessible? We have to make an effort to continue demonstrating global reach, appeal and relevancy. Other traditionally white sports have made it through this dilemma intact, even flourishing through the transition to a more diverse participation.

Young athletes had role models to look up to. Other traditionally white-dominated sports like gymnastics, swimming and figure skating have followed suit.

How about a diversity scholarship rewarding talented minority riders? Or an outreach program providing riding lessons to underprivileged kids? What can WE do to help? In the meantime, there are things we can do as individuals. She loved grooming my horse and learning the basics of riding, and those hours in the country offered much-needed relief from a troubled home life in a low-income community.

It makes me incredibly sad to know that the experience of eventing is limited to a fortunate few. And I feel deeply troubled when I see our community fold further and further in on itself. Will we see a person of color on the Olympic podium in our lifetime?

clara meet 2013 badminton horse

But we can commit to growing a healthier, more diverse sport in which anything is possible. By William Micklem on Jan 15, Even senior coaches can be inspired! An elite group of senior coaches from all disciplines recently spent a unique morning with Carl Hester, at his exquisite training base near Bristol, watching nine of his horses being worked and learning from the man who has changed the dressage world for the better, not just in the UK but world-wide.

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As a consequence of his success more leading dressage trainers and riders are trying to keep their horses happier, trying to use less force and trying to keep things more simple. Now harmony, lightness and ease are more than just an aspiration but a requirement for high level marks. I contribute our success to the fact that we train them the best we can.

But we do work our horses in the arena less than many, with a four day a week training program. As a result more riders are attracted to dressage and there is a growing audience wanting to watch and invest in the sport of dressage. As a result life is also so much easier for dressage coaches, because once again they can have total confidence that there is a route to follow that is both logical and humane and can lead to the highest levels of dressage.

I write this as someone who has always loved dressage, but became disillusioned as a young man when I found numerous senior dressage trainers using strength and bullying rather than lightness and partnership.

Echoes of the past Our own horses at home were light and easy to ride. If they were like this I was a happy man, but after I left home I found few others who trained in this way and few who did not crank the nosebands as tight as possible.

However, Carl also emphasized that the transitions themselves are a gymnastic exercise that improve the balance of the horse, and especially transitions within a pace. So it works well. I also know that the best way of learning is by feel. Charlotte has a new 5-year-old gelding she bought in the USA called Gjio.

There is no doubt that she is already in love with him and there is no doubt that he is really talented, with more than a hint of Valegro in his temperament and way of going. The exciting thing for me is that he is just I believe we are breeding horses that are often too big for a long healthy life and as a result wasting the resources of those investing in the sport and failing to breed horses to suit the whole range of riders.

This particularly applies to dressage. Valegro is small by dressage standards as well. In elite racing, eventing and show jumping there are many more successful horses below It is also nonsensical to value size of step over quality of step and put so many smaller riders at a disadvantage riding horses that are too big for them. What Carl looks for in a dressage horse Little Gjio obviously loves his work, rising to the challenges, and is full of joie de vivre.

For me the end result of dressage is that it has to be elegant, it has to be easy, it has to be a pleasure to watch and it should be in harmony. The trot is the easiest pace to change and improve but you need to buy a good walk and a good canter. I am not concerned with winning young horse dressage classes as the horses that win these are not what I look for in a Grand Prix horse.

clara meet 2013 badminton horse

I want quickness, neatness and tidiness, rather than massive movement. Beyond this I just look for a great hind leg and a nice physique, and the rest is training and temperament. Some days she will ride up to 11 horses.

clara meet 2013 badminton horse

Each for 20 to 30 minutes, but they are first warmed up for her and then cooled down. By Leslie Wylie on Jan 15, 9: Photo by Stephanie Griffiths. Today marks the deadline for trainer applications, with trainer approvals to be announced on Feb.

For roundabout the cost of a regular horse trial, you could not only jump-start the career of an off-track horse but also be part of the biggest OTTB lovefest of the year. The event includes seminars, demonstrations, a sponsor fair, and a livestreamed finale featuring the top five horses in each discipline. How do I apply to be a Makeover trainer? Professionals, amateurs and juniors are all welcome to apply.

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The application window is Dec. Is my OTTB eligible? The Makeover is open to Jockey Club registered horses that raced or had a published work after July 1, They must not have begun training for a second career before Dec. Some trainers will already have horses identified and others will begin a search after they are approved. Trainers can contract with owners or acquire the horse themselves. What does it cost? Trainers may withdraw a horse from the Makeover at any time using the online Makeover Horse Withdrawal Form.

Trainers may replace a scratched horse with any eligible horse as late as August 1, Replacement horses must be registered with the online Makeover Horse Registration Form. What does the Makeover competition for eventing entail? Format for Show Jumping: Trainers will select their level with their final entry form in August. Format for Cross Country: All horses will be judged over a cross country course of approximately 12 obstacles. Optional fences may be offered for riders to demonstrate a higher level of training as well.

They need not jump all fences at the same level. The top three scoring horses will compete for additional points in the finale, demonstrating basic work on the flat and jumping a course that includes show jumps and cross country portables in the covered arena.

Horses can earn a maximum of points per each of the three phases. Overall scores will be the sum of the scores from each of the three phases. Ties will be broken by the cross country score, then show jumping, then dressage.

Final placing for the top five finishers will be based on the sum of their three scores plus a fourth score awarded during the finale. What happens after the Makeover is over? Owners can choose to keep their horses at the end of the process or offer them for sale. The Makeover Horse Sale is not an auction but an opportunity for buyers and sellers to do business in a setting that allows trial rides, pre-purchase exams and observation of horses in competition.

By Shelby Allen on Jan 15, Photo by Shelby Allen. These yearlings are almost like dogs, and have become very social! Their snuggles warmed my heart on such a cold day. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, National Hat Day U. Stable View Aiken Opener H. Izzy Taylor announced this weekend the loss of top horse Trevidden last year.

Sadly, he had to be euthanized shortly before Christmas. Golden Boy, ridden by Raj Kumar, also tested positive for boldenone.