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THE green light is on for the staging of the Davao Region Athletic Association (Davraa) Meet slated to open on Monday at the Davao del. Tuesday, December 31, ING. TIFCEMHER SI, 1r7 Complete New York Stock Market B.&0.'s Yen-Is Reviewed By Simpson btcmu.info & Poor's Stork Index . Davao City, Davao Norte win in Davraa Meet Football. By Marianne L. Saberon- Abalayan. Monday, February 25, HEAVY favorite Davao.

Mark Carney, the new gov-ernor of the Bank of England, recently said: The implication is that more finance is a good thing, as long as it is safe. That is sim-ply wrong.

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True, empirical studies show that finan-cial activity increases along with incomes in poor countries. But this correlation has little bearing on developed economies with mature financial systems. In these countries, additional financial activity unquestionably adds to GDP, but the same can be said for the substitution of expensive medical care for cheap preventative action.

The question is whether additional finance promotes overall economic good. It can do so, but not directly. Finance is a cost. It is a means not an end, an input not an output. People and companies should engage in financial activity only to help them do other things most notably to preserve or increase wealth, to coordinate expenditure with in-comes and to help organise real investments, production and distribution. Unnecessary financial activity is a wasted expense.

Even if the excess does not directly cause problems such as housing bubbles or fiscal crises it makes the world worse be-cause it wastes economic resources. The right goal for the financial system is to be as small as possible without doing economic harm. By that standard, the current system is extremely wasteful. The waste can be seen in both the quantity of financial assets and pace of the financial activity. One measure of quan-tity is the ratio of debt to GDP. For the United States, which probably leads the world in fi-nancial excess, the calculation is aided by the U.

Federal Reserve, which every quarter tots up all the outstanding debts, from govern-ment borrowing to bank loans. Total debts were percent of GDP in In the most recent quarter, they were percent.

Little, if any, of the increased borrowing has gone to fund additional income-generat-ing investments, in factories, inventories or the expenses of growing businesses. Instead, the bulk of the debts are unproductive. Some of the new borrowing provided funds which bid up the prices of assets that do not produce incomes houses that are lived in, commodities that are stored or art that is collected. Governments are responsible for much of the additional debt. The ratio of gov-ernment debts to GDP has at least doubled in most developed countries over the last four decades.

There are reasonable excuses for some fiscal deficits, but the cumulative effect of years of deficit finance is disruptive. Tax revenues need to be higher to keep up inter-est payments, while the vast supply of bonds clutters financial markets, distracting inves-tors and distorting monetary policies.

Also, claims between financial institu-tions mostly loans and derivatives have in-creased sharply, from 16 to 83 percent of U. A small portion of the new securities may provide helpful hedges, but most of them are only used for speculation. Worse, the huge new mass of purely financial debt has been balanced on relatively thin eq-uity foundations. This leverage has made the whole financial system more precarious, as the crisis made clear. The bigger financial balances explain some of the increase in the share of financial activity in GDP, which has expanded from 2 to 8 percent of U.

During that period the cost of process-ing financial transactions has declined pre-cipitously, so the actual increase in activity is much larger than that statistic suggests. Additional financial market activity gen-erally reduces the markets economic effi-ciency.

Investors and speculators who trade more have less reason to care about the long term, since they will sell long before it arrives.

When the annual volume of foreign exchange trading is roughly 40 times larger than the volume of trade between countries, the finan-cial market has basically lost touch with the economy. The trade of already issued shares and bonds, the vast majority of ac-tivity in these markets, does no more for the economy than moving sacks of sand back and forth across a room.

Rather than promising to promote a larger and safer financial sector, Carney should be calling for more efficient finance. For one thing, more finance brings more debts and more speculation and more opportunities for panics and chains of de-faults. A larger sector is likely to be less safe than a smaller one.

But even if Carney could find a safe way for the City of London to grow, he would be only expanding a part of the economy pointless finance which can do harm and cannot do good. His bed was not even suited for his height, Roa said. Jennie Ong, a hema-tologist and specialist with hemophilia cases in Davao City said that hemophilia is a congenital disease mostly in men. She said that in ev-ery 5, males there will be one case of hemophilia. Based on their reports as of January to May this year, they had identified cases, but they expect that there should be cases in Davao City alone.

Unfortunately, there are cases that are not traced as early as birth. We have a case na pu-lis na sya, dun pa lang nya nalaman na may hemo-philia sya,she added. She said that their youngest case was in Kidapawan City who was less than a year old while the oldest was a 53 year old male in Davao City while HAD has 61 mem-bers with hemophilia.

She added that it is a disease where theres a deficiency in the clotting factor in the blood. It can be classified as Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B. He-mophilia A lacks the blood clotting factor 8 while He-mophilia B lacks the blood clotting factor 9.

The two both cause spontaneous bleeding in any part of the body. She said that the sign of hemophilia are unusual bleeding, inflammation of the joints and vomiting of blood.

It can be classified as mild, moderate and se-vere. Most deaths are caused by too much loss of blood, but currently, patients re-ceive medication such as cryoprecipitate and plas-ma injection.

She noted that these drugs are not available in pharmacies. She said that both are expensive, but they are able to decrease the price to make it available to the less fortunate hemophilia patients. John Rowell, a he-matologist from Brisbane, Australia said that current-ly, their research on he-mophilia continues to ad-vance. They have been de-veloping drugs that would lessen the occurrence of unusual bleeding among patients.

At present, Ong said that most severe cases in Davao City have two to three times occurrence of unusual bleeding. But he said that it would take ten years be-fore it becomes available to the public since it is under experimentation.

Filipino Football: Davao City, Davao Norte win in Davraa Meet Football

Rowell will help in in-creasing the knowledge of doctors and nurses in Mindanao on how to prop-erly handle patients with hemophilia. This is part of their endeavor to make third-world countries like the Philippines well-in-formed and knowledge-able on it. We need to help, es-pecially the children, so that they can live normally, Rowell continuedHe said that if hemo-philia is not treated it may affect the life of the pa-tient-physically, emotion-ally and even in the field of learning.

He said that it is im-portant that patients after receiving medication un-dergo therapy. The search for exem-plenary Childrem of Pan-tawid Pamilya aims to rec-ognize children who have shown excellence in both academic and non-aca-demic activities,DSWD 11 Regional director Priscilla n. Razon said in an inter-view with Edge.

The family of the top awardee Escropolo re-ceived cash assistance from the government for three years. He is third in the family. Jennifer Escrop-olo, mother of the regional awardee shared that her son has been consistent in the honor roll and is a member of the student government.

Achiever sya, gikan pa kinder hantod karon. Daghan man gud syang leadership awards sa esk-welahan ug naga emcee na pud ni siya since grad-eschool pa siya, Jennifer Escropolo added. The young awardee said that his faith in God and in education helped him a lot excelling in both academic and non-aca-demic subjects.

Florefe Malakas, a twelve year old first year high school student from Apokon, Tagum City, a vale-dictorian from her elemen-tary school is a consistent achiever in both areas. She is also a leader in school.

Her family has been a ben-eficiary for two years. Provincial awardee Caroline Indangan, a Grade 8 student from Paquiba-to Proper shared, Swerte kaayo ko kay ako ang napili na murepresent sa Davao City, sa kadaghang bata ako ang winner. Isa pud ni na dakong experience sa akoa. The awardees are all below 14 years old and en-rolled in school; have nev-er dropped out or skipped a school year; compliant to the school attendance requirement of the pro-gram- must have at least 85 percent school atten-dance; good scholastic standing and no grades be-low the passing mark and is a non-repeater and fully immunized and dewormed twice a year.

The awardees also ex-cel both academics and non-academics and have active involvement in com-munity activities. Razon, meanwhile, said that the awardees received cash prizes and plaques of recognition. They were able to attend the national Childrens Congress in Ma-nila last October They had the chance to engage with the other exemplenary children from all over the country.

The terminal, the tow-er, including communica-tion equipment, were de-stroyed, Civil Aviation Au-thority of the Philippines deputy chief John Andrews told AFP, as he recounted the airport managers as-sessment. Large areas of Taclo-ban, with a population of aboutpeople, were flattened, according to an AFP photographer who reached the coastal city aboard a military plane carrying relief supplies.

Storm surges more than three metres 10 feet had pounded the area, the Philippine Red Cross said. In scenes reminiscent of tsunami damage, some houses in Tacloban were completely destroyed, with piles of splintered wood ly-ing on concrete slabs, while others had just the stone frames remaining.

Almost all the trees and electric posts were torn down, while cars were overturned. Some dazed and in-jured survivors wandered around the carnage asking journalists for water, while others sorted through what was left of their de-stroyed homes.

Eight bodies had been laid to rest inside the air-ports chapel, which had also been badly damaged. A journalist for local television network GMA also reported seeing about 20 bodies piled up in a church in Palo, a coastal town about 10 kilometres south of Tacloban. The initial reports from Tacloban and Palo raised fears of mass casualties, with Haiyan having devas-tated many other commu-nities across the central Philippines that remained cut off from communica-tions.

We have reports of collapsed buildings, hous-es flattened to the ground, storm surges and land-slides, Philippine Red Cross chief Gwendolyn Pang told AFP, giving an as-sessment across the whole region. But we dont know re-ally, we cant say how bad the damage is Another area of con-cern was Guiuan, a fishing town of about 40, peo-ple on Samar that was the first to be hit after Haiyan swept in from the Pacific Ocean.

Pang said contact had not yet been made with Guiuan. She also said relief workers were trying reach Capiz province, about kilometres west of Taclo-ban, on Panay island where she said most of the re-gions infrastructure had been destroyed and many houses flattened to the ground.

Fifteen thousand sol-diers had been deployed to the disaster zones, mil-itary spokesman Lieu-tenant-Colonel Ramon za-gala told AFP. We are flying sorties to bring relief goods, ma-terials and communication equipment, zagala said. He said helicopters were also flying rescuers into priority areas, while infantry units deployed across the affected areas were also proceeding on foot or in military trucks. Haiyans wind strength, which remained close to kilometres an hour throughout Friday, made it the strongest typhoon in the world this year and one of the most intense ever re-corded.

It exited into the South China Sea on Saturday and tracked towards Vietnam, where more thanpeople had begun evacuat-ing from vulnerable areas, Vietnamese state media reported. Philippine authorities expressed confidence on Friday that only a few peo-ple had been killed, citing two-days of intense prepa-ration efforts led by Presi-dent Benigno Aquino. Hundreds of flights were also can-celled.

The government ex-pressed alarm on Satur-day that the much-hyped preparations may not have been effective as initially thought. The president is ask-ing why there were still fatalities, Cabinet Secre-tary Rene Almendras told reporters. First DistrictElected barangay captains in the first dis-trict are: Duterte Cata-lunan GrandeRolando T.

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OnG cTer-esita M. ERnO dFelizardo D. Paciano BangoyErnie I. DuterteArnolfo Ricardo B. Tomas MonteverdeJulieto D. Items can be paid in cash, in-house or bank financing. Theres a better way to get attention. Male, 28 40 years old2. At least high school graduate3. With 5 years driving experience bus, trucks Requirements: Drivers License with Official Receipt2. Transfer Certificate of Title No.

T- A parcel of land Lot 13, Blk. All sealed bids must be submitted to the undersigned on the above-stated time and date. In the event the public auction should not take place on the said date,it shall be held on December 13, without further notice.

Finding the petition to be sufficient in form and substance let the petition be heard on november 27, at 8: Let copy of this Order and Petition be published before the hear-ing date at the expense of the petitioner in a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Davao once a week for three 3 consecutive weeks. Davao City, Philippines, October 11, Deadline for Friday and Saturday issues is 5: Deadline for Sunday and Monday issues is Saturday For more infor-mation, please call our Advertising Office ; and ask for Tita Chay.

In scoring a career-high 32 points 11 in the fourth quarter grabbing 12 rebounds and blocking six shots, the 6-foot Da-vis, the first overall pick in the draft, repeated-ly beat the slower-footed Lakers defense down the court, stopping only at the rim to slam home an array of nuclear dunks. Its an easy play, said Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday, who had sea-son-high 13 assists, includ-ing an alley-oop feed to Davis down the stretch in an Pelicans run to ice the game.

Its an automat-ic two points, maybe even three. One of Davis most amazing plays came with new Orleans clinging to a lead with 6: That came right after guard Steve Blake, whose 3-point-er in the final 2 seconds on Thursday night was the difference in the Lakers victory over Houston, nailed a 3-pointer from the top of the key. That doesnt mean they are ready to knock off teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Detroit played the Thunder tough into the third quarter Friday night, but Oklahoma Citys supe-rior depth took over down the stretch, especially once Andre Drummond and Josh Smith got into foul trouble.

Rookie Steven Adams finished with 17 points and 10 rebounds, while fellow post reserve nick Collison had nine points and four rebounds in a victory. We were just trying to keep it simple and try not to make mistakes, Colli-son said of his partnership with the new zealander.

I thought we were real-ly locked in defensively. It was a different situation than most nights, but our bench played really well. By Kenneth Irving Ong take away the chilly winds of the season with some hot animal print coats.

Go the elegant route with art de-co-inspired metallic dresses paired with geometric-pat-terned clutch bags and purses. Of course when in doubt, the little black dress is always a safe yet classy choice. Dorothy Perkins is located at the ground floor of the Abreeza Mall.

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All winners will be notified via text message and phone call on November FoLLoW the water, discover the truth. The sinking of the Titanic is the most famous maritime disaster in history and continues to fascinate even after a century. This Sunday, GMA News TV presents inside the Titanic a big budget docudrama which weaves together both scientific and very personal accounts of the tragedy.

Everybody on board was fooled by the water, a devious and unstoppable killer. Sometimes it crept unseen, at other times it roared. The docudrama also features the highest quality effects, in-cluding the sounds those on board would have heard as the sea surged through the ship. Dubbed in Filipino, the documentary inside the Titanic airs this Sunday, November 10 at PALex launches its long-haul operations on Nov.

Flight time is approximately eight hours, with a four - hour time difference be-tween both cities. The return service, flight 2Pdeparts Dubai on the same days at 7: The brand-new Airbus A, the latest model of the wide-body type, will be deployed on the route.

Ang said, our flights to and from Dubai will give our countrymen a direct, conve-nient link to their homeland, and allow them to experi-ence the trademark Filipino service PAL is known for.

We guarantee that our kababayans, as well as tour-ists and business people from Dubai traveling to the Philippines, will truly feel special on our flights. Aside from experiencing the brand new Airbus A, they will also get to enjoy our specially-prepared in-flight cuisine, including halal meals, which will be made available upon request, he added. Dubai is the latest addi-tion to the PAL Groups rapid-ly expanding route network. The flag carrier first flew to the emirate 31 years ago, on August 7, Today, PALex will be flying to a Dubai that has become a major destination in its own right.

The booming emirate home to the worlds tallest skyscraper, largest shopping mall and largest man-made island is the undisputed fi-nancial and retail hub of the Arabian Gulf.

PhiliPPine mobile leader Smart Commu-nications, inc. Smart announced it will offer iPhone 5s, the most for ward-thinking smartphone in the world, and iPhone 5c, the most colorful iPhone yet, to custom-ers beginning novem-ber 15, Our subscribers have been keenly anticipat-ing our iPhone plans.

The good news is were offer-ing a wide range of choices so they can select the plan that will best suit their life-style and let them experi-ence the full capabilities of their phone whether they need fast web brows-ing, extensive multimedia streaming or frequent use of data-driven applica-tions.

Subscribers can enjoy premium perks and services when they avail of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c with Smart infinity Plansand Subscribers can get any color of the iPhone 5c 16 GB for only P1, a month with the iPhone Plan P monthly service fee plus P de-vice amortization via cred-it card.

For those who need more free voice and text credits, the iPhone 5c 16 GB can be availed with an UnliData Plan with a P2, cash-out. Meanwhile, those inter-ested in the iPhone 5s can get the 16GB model for only P1, a month with the iPhone Plan P monthly service fee plus P device amortization via credit card.

UnliData Plan comes with unlim-ited data connection plus free all-net minutes and free all-net SMS. We are very excited to offer the most forward-thinking and the most-colorful iPhones to our subscribers.

With Smarts flexible postpaid plan se-lections and unbeatable lte-powered network, were committed to bring-ing the best iPhone experi-ence to Filipinos who want superior network service in order to get the most from their devices, added Carag. Carag said that exclu-sive offers await those who will subscribe to Smarts iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c packages on novem-ber 15th.

She added that existing Smart Postpaid subscribers who wish to subscribe to an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c package but are still under contract may opt for Smarts Wipe-Out program where they can upgrade to an iPhone without waiting for their active contract to expire. Customers can sign-up starting today at www.

For more information please visit www. For information on iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c packages for Smart infinity, please visit smart. For more information on iPhone, please visit: Hurry, offer is for this weekend only! Jed Madelas 10th Year Concert. ThE sibling rivalry between Annaliza Andrea Brillantes and Arlene Kyline Alcan-tara intensifies this week in the top-rating primetime family drama Annaliza.

As Arlene gets meaner to her, Annaliza also gets tougher and finds the cour-age to defend herself. The tension between isabel Denise Laurel and Stella Kaye Abad also heats up that resulting to a catfight. With this, Stella is more de-termined now to reclaim what shouldve been hers and steps up her game in seducing Lazaro Patrick Garcia back in her arms.

Meanwhile, Guido Zan-joe Marudo continues to struggle in finding his place in Annalizas life, while Ma-koy Carlo Aquino still si-lently looks over both fami-lies and meticulously plans his next move. Annaliza continues to dominate its time slot on primetime. For updates, like the shows official Facebook page at www. Share your thoughts on Annaliza online using the hashtag Annaliza. SM City Davaos early Christmas celebration also highlighted the giv-ing of gifts to around children, who are ben-eficiaries from the Davao City Social Services and Development Office.

Mu-sical numbers and other activities were also held to entertain the crowd. Melchor Quitain center strike a pose in front of the Enchanted Christmas Forest. Chiors sang Christmas carols during the unveiling. Elves, sprites and nymphs during the centerpiece lighting ceremony. Debby Go also revealed that the SM Foundation also con-ducted a farmers train-ing program, Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan, to help in the rehabilitation of typhoon Pablo-hit communities.

Stephen Curry's brillant performance throughout the series was overshadowed by Kevin Durant's dagger in Game 3, a few feet away from the spot where he launched the go-ahead three in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Teenager Kylian Mbappe stood out in the French team composed of a bunch of 25 and under players. The year-old migrant scored one of the four goals in the championship match to become the second teen to score a goal in the Finals after the legendary Pele back in France defeated Belgium in the semifinal,while Croatia outlasted the favored Russians in penalty shootout, The French team also displayed diversity, with players born of migrant parents including Alphonse Areola, whose parents are both Filipinos working in France.

Pac on top, The Filipino Flash returns The most-celebrated Filipino athlete continued make the headlines this year. A total of athletes that participated in 31 sports represented the country in the quadrennial meet with Jordan Clarkson of the Cleveland Cavaliers and medalist Margielyn Didal marching as flagbearers in the opening and closing ceremonies, respectively.

Saso also bagged the individual gold. The Gilas Pilipinas squad advanced in the quarterfinals but bowed down to South Korea by nine points eventually settling for a fifth spot in the classification phase after wins over Japan and Syria. The PHI finished with a gold-silver-bronze haul and landed at 19th spot, three places higher that its finish in Incheon, South Korea.

The Red Lions grabbed its 11th crown in 13 years at the expense of Lyceum of the Philippines University. It was one-sided championship series — just like in their Finals meeting last year — with the San Beda ripping the Pirates apart in Game One with LPU playing sans its best player in CJ Perez, who was banned for one game after failing to notify the league of his intention to join the PBA Draft.

But the glory of Ateneo was overshadowed by the Cinderalla story of the team it vanquished in the Finals. Climbing up from the cellar in the past years, University of the Philippines made history by making it in the Finals for the first time since winning it all in But before their championship stint, the Fighting Maroons ended a two-decade Final Four drought.

UP then shocked twice-to-beat Adamson University with both games decided by game-winners. Ateneo came in the series as the title favorites but overwhelming support from a very hungry UP community and underdogs fans backed the Fighting Maroons.


But in the end, it was the Blue Eagles championship experience that prevailed. Belingon ended the five-year reign and seven-year winning streak of of long-time bantamweight king Brazilian Bibiano Fernandes in November via split decision. Petron, Creamline rule respective club leagues Creamline claimed its breakthrough championship in the Premier Volleyball League by sweeping PayMaya in the Reinforced Conference Finals series last July.

Alyssa Valdez finally ended a two-year title drought with the Cool Smashers' victory.