East meet west monthly horoscope

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east meet west monthly horoscope

She has been dubbed the "High Priestess" of both Chinese & Western Astrologies by her readers and critics from around the world. Chinese zodiac Rat's combination horoscope with Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Combined horoscopes of the 12 signs of the western zodiac with the Chinese zodiac .. Monthly horoscope January 6, to February 4, - SUNDAY, DECEMBER 30, ASTRO ADVICE WEEKLY by Eugenia Last December 30, – January 5, ARIES (March. - SUNDAY, DECEMBER 30, LOVESCOPE by Eugenia Last ARIES (March April 19): Consider what's important to you, and look. East Meets West.

There will be many rounds of talks and discussions, which lead to no positive conclusions.

east meet west monthly horoscope

The race to achieve new technological research, advancement development and ultimately production receives massive attention not only from inter-government departments but also from multi-billions investment fund managers who are preparing to pump lots of money into the future. Whoever manages to come up with winning ideas, concepts and production lines will certainly dominate the world markets.

Government spending on warfare technology and nuclear will increase a few fold, indirectly creating tension within the super power nations and certain up-coming nations too.

Those nations involved may prefer not to be made feel less important on the global stage. Such combative competition and financial spending is unlikely to end as long as humanity allows its ego to dictate, resulting in tense and insecure atmosphere and a no-win-win situation for the public in general. Perhaps the money should be better spent on much more humanitarian developments, medical research facilities, food resources cultivation, regeneration, improvements on environmental destruction controls or reaching a peaceful means for the human race.

Top Weather and the Environment Despite frequent global deteriorating weather conditions and broadcasts warnings, reminders across the globe to most nations, very slow progress has been achieved in curbing the emission of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere. The effects of rising temperatures, resulting in accelerating melting of the ice caps in the Artic and Antarctic, sudden extreme cold weather conditions, frequent extreme flooding scenarios and draughts conditions, largely result from the human population growth which rapidly depletes the natural environments resources in order to supplement the needs of human development and progress of the future rat race.

The increasing variations in temperature difference occurring across various nations with different landscapes have different disastrous consequences ranging from enormous hurricane or tornados storms to increased arid regions or draughts, killing large animals stocks that rely on vast vegetation growth.

The continuous global weather deterioration will only create endless destruction, disruption and suffering to various regions of the globe - involving deforestation, famine and the spread of viral diseases. The human race needs to curb the increasing environmental pollution ranging from exploitation of natural resources to food consumption before the planet's natural resources reach a point of beyond of no return. Even though many nations are gradually warming to the concept of exploring renewal energy development, unfortunately not enough has been accomplished due to initial high financial implication.

No doubt the human race will not be able to return to the old ways of survival but somehow humans may perhaps need to slow down the degradation process for future generation's survival. Frequent earthquake scenarios are increasing during the year, spreading from the northern to the southern hemispheres, resulting in significant loss of lives, despite advanced warning measures installed in strategic locations. The advancement of scientific studies is unable to prevent the force of nature from happening but however fails to warn the public in advance.

No doubt humans will continue to learn and refine their technology studies to produce much accurate predictions. IF only all governmental nations come to their sense that they are surviving within a beautiful resourceful but fragile blue planet and uniting in participating to combat the increasing man made pollution scenario, this blue planet will certainly stand a better chance of survival for generations to come. Opportunity is apparent, but so is your tendency to be unrealistic.

Self-awareness will be required to ensure you make wise choices. West Gemini corresponding sign: Embrace change wholeheartedly and let your imagination and desire lead you to the success and satisfaction you crave. Hesitation will lead to regret. West Cancer corresponding sign: Although plenty will change, nothing will happen fast enough or the way you expect. Detail and precise planning along with secrecy will be required if you intend to avoid disputes and opposition.

Mismanagement and indulgence will result in consequences as well as the reappearance of past problems. West Leo corresponding sign: Recognize obstacles and reorganize your plans.

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Embrace new friendships and opportunities knowing that nothing is out of reach if you are hardworking, intelligent and resourceful. Personal gain and self-improvement will result in solid relationships. West Virgo corresponding sign: Be willing to backtrack, remember old lessons and own past mistakes. Only from experience, acknowledgement and trying hard to improve will the floodgates to the future open in your favor. Positive changes will be a result of honesty, integrity and equality.

east meet west monthly horoscope

West Libra corresponding sign: But a planned Paris summit between President Eisenhower and Khrushchev was literally shot out of the skies along with a US U2 spy plane over Russian airspace. Keeps his humour but has seen his share of courtrooms too. Wisdom is oft times nearer when we stoop than when we soar. William Wordsworth Nothing exceeds like excess. Big budgetary blowouts caused by wasteful defence spending, encouraged a temporary meltdown of the Cold War.

The superpowers were back to the negotiating tables. The division between Israel and Palestine dramatically deteriorated with terrorists executing 25 people at Tel Aviv airport and following up with the Munich Olympic massacre where 9 Israeli hostages were killed. Footfalls echo in the memory, down the passage which we did not take, towards the door we never opened Into the rose-garden.

Polarity was back on the table.

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Often we have no time for our friends but all the time in the world for our enemies. This entire period coincided with ferocious with separatist state.

Chechen gunmen took 1, people hostage in a hospital. Terrorism was back with a bang.

East Meets West

The US experienced its worst homeland terrorist attack to date, with the Oklahoma City bombing. Thousands of commuters on five Tokyo subway trains were simultaneously gassed by the crazed Japanese religious cult, called Aum Supreme Truth, Jupiter in Sagittarius zeal.

east meet west monthly horoscope

The last time Jupiter crossed this way was twelve years ago. Iraq was the country experiencing the greatest division, with a marked increase in insurgency, leading to a US troop surge.