How did nicole ari parker and boris kodjoe meet

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how did nicole ari parker and boris kodjoe meet

Dream Photography/Courtesy Nicole Ari Parker) Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe first met on the TV series Soul Food and have been one of. Cascade, GA - The event will feature guest appearances by famous acting couple, Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe. Boris Kodjoe in itself is a pretty unusual name, but that's only part of the story. How did you manage to launch a career in America as an actor? When I first started on Soul Food, Nicole [Ari Parker] would read my lines to me and He meets Garcelle's character, who he knew from before, and they rekindle.

how did nicole ari parker and boris kodjoe meet

Once there are more diverse decision makers, then things will change. Boris is still living in California with the children. Why didn't you all just pack up and move to New York? They have their own life, with school and sports and music and arts, and we wanted to keep that stable.

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And also, we knew what it would take for Nicole to really do a good job in this show. She might go to sleep at 3am, and the kids are up at 6, and they don't care if she slept two hours.

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So I think it was important for us to support her and step aside so she can get the preparation she needs to play this part. Doing this show would not be possible if Boris didn't agree to take care of the kids.

Everyone keeps asking "are you exhausted" or "how do you stay on stage for 3 hours, 8 shows a week," but this is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. I don't care if I'm delirious or have the same clothes on for three days. But the only thing that's ever kind of made me a little uncomfortable these past few weeks was not seeing my kids.

But I know they're happy and safe and Boris brings them to see me as much as possible, and when school's out they'll come here for a while. But also you have to make space for the other person to fall off or go through something! And it's also dedication. We made a commitment to be the best versions for each other, physically and spiritually.

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Like, I want to be with her. I don't need to be with her. And she doesn't need to be with me.

how did nicole ari parker and boris kodjoe meet

But we want to be together and that is a foundation of a very strong commitment and the willingness to put forth effort and work everyday to sustain that relationship. And men are very good at that- if they want to be there. She's already super sexy. I think it's taking each other in [that keeps the relationship alive.

Do the little things. Send texts throughout the day.

how did nicole ari parker and boris kodjoe meet

Going on date nights. Our life revolves around our kids. Family life is very important and sometimes we forget that we were here first. And sometimes I have to remind her- "Look, um, I need some time with you alone.

We need to go away. And people can regret that. Because you don't want to turn into roommates.

how did nicole ari parker and boris kodjoe meet

He has two sisters — Nadja and Lara, and a brother. Patrick Kodjoe brother from the same parents The brothers are very close. Boris claims, that his brother Patrick is like his twin. Both brothers were into sports — Patrick played basketball at the same University team.

how did nicole ari parker and boris kodjoe meet

Later on, he left his sport career and started World of ALFA, a tailoring company, together with his elder brother Boris.

Patrick is very dedicated to his family.

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He is married to Nicole Kuykendall Kodjoe. The couple have two kids — a girl and a boy. Also some online sources claim, that Ursula is a mother of three kids, it can be a false info. If you know more, it would be great if you could share it with us. Nicole Ari Parker spouse Duration of Marriage: May till date Date of birth: October 7, Zodiac sign: The Series from to They were dating for three years until Resident Evil star proposed to Nicole in They got married in May Now they are one of the most beautiful and sexy couples of Hollywood.