Jdm car meet 2013

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jdm car meet 2013

Posts about car meet written by Northwest Auto Crew. car meet. Another Level Car Show Coverage Slammed Society x JDM Chicago Meet Coverage 's World of Wheels show and Tuner Galleria were full of some stunning cars. Yes, I was actually at last years JDM TT in Kuala Lumpur but time wasnt. installment of the meet since and an estimated cars and 1, people turned The Supra was one of the best show car that turned up. True JDM meets are few and far between these days. With a subaru liberty. The first car to attract my attention was this Liberty wagon.

They are one of the fastest hatchbacks available.

Street Vision :: Unofficial JDM Meet

The S is one of those cars that just screams quality! The cabin is tight and fitted with everything just at arms reach. It was such a pleasure to see so many of them attending this event.

jdm car meet 2013

One of the standout cars was this DC5. Steve has worked hard to get this car looking so good and all his work has definitely paid off. Soon it was getting hard to find a park and many cars were playing musical chairs trying to get better spots and to mix it up for some cool photo opportunities.

Here we see one of the awesome line ups from the day.

The grandad of the Honda world and his loud little brothers. Its the little things that make some cars stand out. Simple little eyelids and a very nice custom bonnet with mesh cutouts and a nice set of shoes set this car apart.

This is one of the most fun cars to drive and is known as a real track monster. A lot of these cars are armed with a 4-AGE 20 valve black top, making them such a tough revy little engine.

Even though everyone was behaving themselves, the boys in blue still took down a few number plates and completed a few laps of the area. With so many cars attending the meet it was hard to focus on just one.

It was a perfect day to take some time to enjoy the sunshine that Melbourne brought out for us. This photo created quite a stir on our facebook page and many people jumped in on the conversation.

Car spotting at JDM TT - btcmu.info

As you are probably aware, the rules in the US are a little more relaxed when it comes to how you can modify your car while still being able to drive it on a public road. So after a quick browse around on the web I found a little group here in town called The Red Door, which is like a smaller version of our very own Downshift in that they hold a meet in a designated area, have permission from the local businesses on lot and the local police help to keep undesirable activities at a minimum by regular patrolling.

The guys responsible for the meet, Aaron Dayton, Devin Hosking and Dan Preston wanted to create an event with a chilled vibe where the local JDM and Euro enthusiast could get together and mingle.

Whats not to love. Not having seen another Rat Rod Benz around the scene, he set about getting Sally as low as he possibly could without using bags.

This Benz is static. You never know what to expect when you arrive on a new crowds grounds. What little I knew about The Red Door meets, where that it was meant to be a small affair held by a couple of the local lads for the JDM scene.

Hella Flushed JDM Cars: Car Meets

It gets so busy that cars are often swamped by floating crowds of people. One of my favorite aspects of the meets are that there are no boundaries between the car and bike scenes.

jdm car meet 2013

Just recently he has rectified the issue with an upgraded clutch and flywheel and should be seeing some quicker times in the future Sometimes just getting through the crowd to a parking spot can be a long process as Logan Schilling is finding out in his custom V Dub.

There is always room for some old school muscle. Thomas Powers has been crafting his immaculate WRX since when he bought it stock.

Mass Tuning Boston Rooftop Meet 2013 (Offical Video)

Complimentary trim has been added to the exterior with front lip and skirts along with carbon wrapped hood and boot lid. Or a car bra apparently. Age is no excuse at RDM.