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kye smith frenzal rhomb meet

Kye Smith has skyrocketed to fame in the last few years in Australia and including NOFX, Frenzal Rhomb, Local Resident Failure and The Porkers. In addition, the individual must provide substantial evidence to prove that he/she meets 3. Lyrics to 'Knuckleheads' by Frenzal Rhomb. I like football / As much as the next guy, / But fuck all of those, / Those rapist meat-boys. Frenzal Rhomb - Knuckleheads (Drum Cover) [HD] - Kye Smith Never Had So Much Fun - Frenzal Rhomb. Internet sensation and "chronology" mastermind Kye Smith lists the five Shares . A press shot of kye smith Gordy Forman (Frenzal Rhomb).

This has really made me reassess a lot of aspects of my working and personal life and make some decisions for the better. Local Resident Failure finished this year, do you see yourself joining another band in the near future or are you happy being an occasional hired gun?

Frenzal Rhomb

When you decide to do a drum cover chronology, are you genuinely into all the bands you choose to cover? Yeah I definitely have to have an interest in the artist to be able to commit to making a drum chronology for them. A lot of the chronologies are my personal favourite bands, and some of the others are artists that I may not listen to on a daily basis but I find their story interesting and feel that their career lends itself well to the drum chronology concept.

A lot of the time I will end up adding these artists to my personal playlists because after spending more time listening to their stuff it becomes a favourite, it was just that I never really gave them the time they deserved before making the chronology on their work.

kye smith frenzal rhomb meet

But yeah I could never do a chronology for an artist I genuinely dislike. Who are your all time drumming heroes? You have studied film and have had experience in the industry, do you have any ambition to become more involved in film making projects?

I recently just moved on from my job as a video editor after five years in the media industry due to a number of different reasons but I still do really have a passion for working on media and film. Is there one single moment that stands as an absolute pinnacle? It was also about a year long process to get the visa in place and sorted so there seemed like a lot of build up and uncertainty whether it would actually happen.

It was the first time on stage by myself as a drummer without a band to hide behind and to do it in front of 19, people at one of the most iconic venues in the world was terrifying but one of those experiences I will never forget. Other than that filling in for Frenzal Rhomb would have to be the weird teenage-dream-come-true situation for my punk rock roots.

With YouTube anyone can upload their stuff for the world to see but I think that there are so many people out there with amazing talent who just might not have the confidence or media skills to put it online. It was just lucky that I had a background in media and that one day I found the confidence to give it a go and yeah weird stuff happened after that. Thinking about that kind of stuff keeps me grounded I guess.

In mid, the group supported NOFX on their national tour.

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A version of Meet the Family contained a bonus disc, Mongrel, that was recorded live on this US leg. According to the band's website, US gigs were dropped after Whalley suffered a heart attack in late and the group spent the first few months of inactive.

There was also a thing about my having trench rot, the World War I disease, but that's not true either". It's not bad, just overplayed".

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A Tribute to Midnight Oil. After holding auditions in Sydney, Tom Crease was announced as the new bass guitarist. And Rhomb are four of the best It was released in Augustbefore the October federal electionwhen Howard's coalition was re-elected. She attempted to speak with the audience. Jackie was upset that she was unable to finish her announcement to the audience.

Whalley later accused her and other music industry personalities of pushing original Australian bands aside to make way for short-term marketable acts such as Australian Idol and Popstars contestants. Jackie and her co-presenter, Kyle Sandilandscalled Whalley on air during their next breakfast show.

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Whalley apologised for offending Jackie, but stood by his claims regarding the music industry. The conversation became heated as Sandilands told Whalley "Your songs being played on this network or the Triple M network During the conversation, Sandilands told Whalley that he was bitter and sad. When Whalley pointed out that Sandilands is in a position to promote new Australian music but doesn't, Sandilands countered that Frenzal Rhomb is not played on the network "because it's pretty much shit".

kye smith frenzal rhomb meet

Sandilands argued that Whalley should not "pick fights with people that are female in the Northern Territory". Sandilands asserted that if he himself were present, "it would have been on for young and old".

Whalley argued that gender was irrelevant to the issue, and in response to Sandilands' threat of violence asked Jackie if she was aware that her security guard had threatened a band technician with violence. Sandilands said he endorsed the threat of violence. Sandilands argued to Whalley that he has to "get over it" when Whalley recommended that radio DJs should promote original Australian music.