Meet our team video by lorde

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meet our team video by lorde

Scroll. imagejpeg. TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOK - YOUTUBE - TOUR - SIGN UP - STORE. Lorde. New Zealand singer Lorde appears in video for 'Royals. initially tweeted an invitation to the year-old singer to meet with him over language of tolerance and friendship, which brings people together,” he wrote. Yuval Ben-Ami is a big fan of Lorde — and he turned the artist's music into a People travel here without passing through the sphere where the Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. . About PRI · Contact us · Donate · Meet the Team · Privacy policy · Terms of use.

I feel like I may end up in a similar situation at some point in my life, I think I may be projecting. I do think, however, that this can be applied to a more relatable topic of growing up and having to leave home.

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You begin to experience so many things when you leave home—whether it be for a job, college, or to just be gone—that it may become hard to remember where you came from, which for some people is the most defining factor about them. Here, Lorde draws on having someone you're close to to use as an anchor to keep you grounded and to have as a shield from everything going on in the real world; but, she remains realistic by acknowledging that you can run but you can't hide forever.

She could be speaking of a relationship inevitably coming to an end, or about your life eventually doing the same—either way these are both topics that people have thought about at one point or another.

Enough to know for sure that "Bravado" is my favorite song of hers, and that the only thing stopping me from getting a tattoo of "I'll find my own bravado" somewhere is my tendency to regret most things that I do.

Lorde - Team (Lyric Video)

I like the idea of remaining true to yourself despite whatever changes in your life, even if that means having to occasionally put on a facade. It creates a kind of safety net, in the event that the people in your life don't stay—which is exactly what "Liability" is—at least you can't abandon yourself. Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice!

meet our team video by lorde

Giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake! Now I can't listen to it without laughing and I appreciate that so much.

meet our team video by lorde

The gossip aspect of it. What does she know that they don't? But I did it last night and it was fine. I want to show them that this is f—ing weird.

meet our team video by lorde

She even went so far as to attend the after-party, if only briefly. She grew up in a nice beachside suburb of Auckland, the second of four children. Her mother, a poet, and her father, a civil engineer, created a home environment that was cultured and inquiring, and Ella was a voracious and precocious reader.

Lorde Cavorts With A Posse Of Underdogs In Her 'Team' Video - MTV

Soon her poetry and short stories gave way to lyrics. She wrote about herself, her peers and their suburb, and the suburb beyond it. The claustrophobic bubble of New Zealand was both a stone in her shoe and her inspiration. Her stage name came soon after: She has never been much of a party-girl, neither drinking nor acting out. Did that come from reserve, or discipline?

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I would be 14 or 15 and completely sober out of choice at a party, just watching everything. Trying to make sense of every weird thing that happens at a party with year-olds.

meet our team video by lorde

I knew from really young that that was something I was interested in and that would come out in my art — how my peers are interacting.

Because the way teenagers are and the way they live is really special and really different to any other stage in life.