Nw sectional swim meet california

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The CA/NV Speedo Spring Sectional Championship will be held in Below you will find a l ink to the Phoenix Swim Club Sectionals Meet Page for more Pool Location: Mt. Hood Community College Aquatics Center NE 17th St. PAC took 17 swimmers to Sectionals at Mt. Hood Aquatics Center this past weekend coming Southern California, Pacific (California), and Pacific Northwest. Western Zone Events. Meets/Events. CA/NV Speedo Spring Sectional. Feb 28, - Mar 3, Speedo Spring Sectional at Fe Mar 14,

Our coaching staff took into account a number of factors, including but not limited to Our team finished 3rd overall with points with the boys finishing second with and the girls finished third with Our swimmers were super supportive of each other and that helped turn in over 70 best times, two team records by Hazel Derr Back: A big shout out to all the parents who were willing to brave the insane Friday traffic for their kids to be at this meet!

We had some amazing swims and kids trying new things in a race situation that they weren't quite ready to try at a meet with officials. The atmosphere was fun and we had kids making new friends and cheering on their teammates! There were some technical difficulties which cause a swimmer to have to swim their event twice, but We had a great time and the kids were laughing, smiling and playing games on the trip.

In the pool the racing was great coming so quickly after Fall- In and the first week for many of high school swimming. The Canby swim teams 37th annual Animal meet was an amazing opportunity for swimmers to challenge themselves in difficult events not usually offered on the same day. From cool participation animal T-shirts, too cool necklaces and Dragon trophies.

Canby swim team worked hard to put on a great meet, and I hope we can bring more swimmers next year. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered.

Great meets don't happen without, great volunteers. Lucia Beeler - New times in the Swimmers not only swam FAST but also had a great time connecting with their coaches and teammates. It was a great day to be part of PAC! USA Swimming encourages any swimmers or parents who suspect any abuse or inappropriate behavior to come forward by either contacting the Athlete Protection Officer or logging a complaint of sexual misconduct or abuse relating to USA Swimming through its online reporting system.

The complaint process involves USA Swimming working with a third-party investigator to effectively and thoroughly investigate all complaints of abuse. The office of the President is the head of the board and is responsible for the overall direction of USA Swimming. The chief executive is the head of the staff located at the national headquarters in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center.

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The chief executive is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization at the national level. Its most important responsibility is to set the rules for the sport in the United States. These rules are guided by the international governing body for aquatic sports FINA. FINA makes the rules that are to be followed at all international level meets. In theory, an NGB could make its rules whatever it wanted and have all national level meets and below follow those rules, but it would not have jurisdiction over international level meets held within the borders of the United States, and such a meet would have to follow FINA rules.

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LSCs are the local administrative organization responsible for the registration, support and governance of the USA Swimming member swim clubs in their designated region. The LSC is responsible for enforcing these rules at the meet. The LSC does this by training officials for the meet.

These officials are typically parents' of swimmers and volunteers.

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This is able to be done because while each LSC may have its own set of rules they are not different regarding the actual strokes. An LSC is typically responsible for an entire state; however, several bigger states e. The size of the LSCs is supposed to be roughly the same and allow for easier travel between meets.

nw sectional swim meet california

The result is that while borders tend to follow state borders, this is not a rule. There are currently 59 LSCs in the country. The following is a list of the types of meets, listed from lowest and most common level to highest and least common level.

It is generally limited to 2 teams, but different variations can have more. In a dual meet, there is almost always a limit to the number of events that a certain person can swim, usually four,and to the number of swimmers that a certain team can enter.

Generally, there is only 1 heat in each event and each team alternates lanes so that each team swims in half the pool, regardless of how fast each swimmer is.

Meets of this variety are almost always a low level meet because entry time standards are almost never applied to enter the meet. It can, however, be rather high level when both teams involved are very fast and have exclusively high level swimmers, as is the case with college swimming. Invitational Meet[ edit ] An invitational meet is a meet with many more teams and swimmers than a dual meet.

The term "Invitational" comes from the fact that for a team to attend this type of meet, a team had to be invited to attend from the host team, but now is a general catch-all term for this style of meet although there are still occasional invitation-only meets.

Meets of this variety generally have hundreds of swimmers, many teams, and many different events.

nw sectional swim meet california

Within the definition of an invitational meet, there are dozens of different styles of scoring and placing but the standard method is described here.

All levels of swimming use invitational style meets at least once during their season usually as a championship meet of all the clubs in a leaguebut the clubs of USA Swimming use this meet almost exclusively since there are very few leagues in USA Swimming and it acts as one giant league itself. Most meets of this style have no limits as to the number of swimmers that a team can enter, and only limit the number of times a swimmer can swim in order to make the flow of the meet manageable.

Meets of this style can be at any level of swimming since all of the higher level meets use this style of meet with just more restrictive rules applied.

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Meets of this style usually do not have entry time standards, but can have them to either reduce the size of the meet, or raise the competition level. Most LSC's split these up into two separate meets. The meet style is an invitational meet open only to club teams within the LSC.