Swap meet at dodger stadium

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swap meet at dodger stadium

Antique · Roadium Swap Meet Drive In Theater, Vintage Stuff, Antique. Visit Diamonds are a girl's best friend. ;) Dodger Game, Dodger. Dodger. 22 reviews of L.A. Flea Market at Dodger Stadium - CLOSED "It was a but I looked at it in three sections: 1. the swap meet stuff (junk) 2. the vintage stuff (lots of. Cincinnati at Dodger Stadium (/) Showboat at Long Beach Civic Marina Village, Newport Beach () Motorcycle Swapmeet at Orange.

The statue is new, installed just a week before. When people see it for the first time they call it by name, almost every one of them, as though involuntarily.

They rise up along the hillside until only their heads are visible. AP More Young and old, in strollers and wheelchairs, alone and hand-in-hand, they ride the escalator to the left field reserve level to see him. They drag their hands across his back, where it leans over a concrete pedestal and into his slide toward an unseen home plate. And he was right.

No matter where you live, he said, go north and find a way around the smoking city. He watched the news until nearly dawn, blindsided.

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Davis and Strawberry were L. Davis went to Fremont High, Strawberry to Crenshaw. Their families were there, in their communities. Everyone understood what happened to Rodney King. Everyone understood the trial was going on.

This, and a diet Coke later, and I was sated. This was not the greatest idea, as many of the trucks were kept running and their exhaust mixed with cooking fumes to noxious effect. So, was there anything good, you ask?

Succulent tidiness These tidy succulent arrangements were nice … Succulents under glass … as were these terrariums.

swap meet at dodger stadium

Not surprising, or uncommon, but nice. Rousseau-esque Looking like a Rousseau jungle scene out on the asphalt, this vendor showed a bright array of exotic tropicals.

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Plus, I was a bit unnerved seeing frames I wore in the 70s … and 80s … and 90s … Well-sculpted On this table a pair of ultra-modern cherry red speakers rubbed elbows with a nicely-acrobatic figurative sculpture made of wood, while … Fowl subject … a nearby booth featured intriguing prints and paintings by an artist with a poultry obsession.

The few vendors that we tempted with an early sale acted very nervous, were apprehensive about making any kind of deal and some wouldn't even talk about what they parts they had for sale.

While just about anyone could buy a pass to get into the fairground during Friday, unlike Pomona and other major swap meets here, you're basically wasting your time. Imagine being at a swap meet and seeing a very rare part and having the seller tell you, "Not today Mate, come back tomorrow? Saturday finally came and sellers were finally eager to sell their wares and makes some deals. Because of the layout of the fairgrounds where the Bendigo Swap is held, many of the vendors display their parts in the dirt and few place tarps down to keep the dust from overtaking their stalls.

This made parts searching even more difficult for a foreigner such as myself.

swap meet at dodger stadium

Pricing was another puzzle. We simply multiplied every price by. Pricing was for the most part, very reasonable and in a rare move by yours truly, I didn't have the heart to grind them down on price! Now, you may find parts for your particular car expensive but for a sidevalve Ford lover, namely the small Ford Anglia such as myself, if you could find the parts in the dirt, the deals were great. For two solid days, we scoured the meet for anything that resembled an Anglia part and for the weekend, did incredibly well.

We even purchased a restored Ford Prefect Ute for a personal shop truck for Anglia Obsolete see elsewhere in this web site.

Images by sfs_timeoutsports

This would be the same vehicle as the Anglia Ute, with different front sheet metal attached. While the price of the Ute and parts we found were very affordable, shipping was a another matter.

Unless you can manage to pack your treasures in two over-sized suit cases and check them as baggage, the shipping prices will scare you to death. A word of caution, before you jump on some large sheet metal part or complete body with visions of getting it home cheaply, think again.

Do yourself a favor, check into ocean freight before you make the plunge. Many of the photos you see here, are from his home in Bendigo. He has an incredible amount of stuff, much of it, was not for sale at the time of our trip.

I can tell you this about my one week trip "down under.