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relationship between globalization and localisation iphone

Did you know that by the end of October , the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus . the new concept and intricate world of localization and globalization. With the increased globalization of the economy, there is an obvious need with links to several additional detailed sources, including WWDC. Your link explains it, isn't it? "Globalization is the process of designing and developing a software product that functions in multiple cultures/locales.".

Cancel Build Apps for the World Grow your business in countries and more than 40 languages, and help users around the world easily discover and download your app. Structure your app to support localized content.

relationship between globalization and localisation iphone

Create separate user-visible text and images from your executable code. Use Apple APIs to correctly express user-visible or dynamically generated values across different locales e.

Ensure your app accepts user-generated text in any language and in multiple languages at once, independent of the language of the user interface. Create or modify language-specific versions of nib files, text, icons and graphics especially those containing culture-specific imagesaudio, and video for each locale. Advance your localization with culturalization.

A localization that reflects an understanding of local customs and trends will increase the likelihood that your app is well received. Incorporate culture-specific content and regional seasons or holidays.

Globalization: Apple’s One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Provide local social sharing options, such as messaging, social networking, or email services, so that users can easily share their app experience.

Apple did not customize their phone in terms of features and looks. There are certain benefits to standardization, and this one in particular: However, what about raising the idea that the standardization of Apple products may in fact precisely answer the requirement for cultural understanding? The secret of any global brand success is cultural understanding The secret of any global brand success is cultural understanding.

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What if Apple has understood the underlying common-ness of all humans so that no-need for product customization is actually the highest form of cultural understanding? Or, what if Apple has found the path to that sweet-spot, where there is a common ground among differing cultures?

relationship between globalization and localisation iphone

The thing is, going global is not just about offering a product to several markets around the world. Apple, I believe, found this baseline purist — often called minimalist — approach with expansive usability testing. However, Apple concedes to personalization on several layers. Apple has stores all around the world.

Internationalization and Localization Guide

For each of these stores, Apple follows a strict customer service protocol, which is tailored to each region. That creates insane loyalty and attachment, because the local staff uses a personalized approach to communicate with customers. Even the type of building matches the culture.

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Or at least, what they have grown accustomed to. Apple may use a one size-fits-all strategy for their products, but that strategy allows them to launch in so many countries because they have minimal customization to subject their phones to.

But the area in which they choose personalization is their technical local requirements.