5 stages of relationship marketing pdf

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5 stages of relationship marketing pdf

5) Help train managers to understand the complexity of the changes that process; 2) carry out the design and implementation process in three stages: 2a) define effective relationship marketing: 1) make sure the basic transactional model. Understanding your customer's buying process and customer journey is not only crucial for your salesteam's pitch. It will also enable you to. to empirically investigate the impact of relationship marketing underpinnings ( namely trust, commitment, Research has shown that the cost of serving one loyal customer is five to six . It is the communicator‟s task in the early stages to build.

Understanding how to leverage modern marketing technology and new communication strategies in the new marketing era can help you to build deeper relationships in the marketplace. Historical Marketing Eras The simple trade era stretched from the beginning of history to the middle of the 19th century, when trade revolved around local barter economies.

Between the s and s, mass production became the focus in the production era. In this era, simply mass producing goods was a primary driver of sales.

Relationship marketing

As the production era gave way to the sales era s to the smodern marketing began to take shape. From the s to s, branding and positioning became important as marketers began to understand the value of customer loyalty and brand reputation in the marketing department era. From the s to the s, the marketing company era phased out what theorists call the manufacturing concept in favor of the marketing concept.

The marketing comceptera gave way to the relationship marketing era, in which marketers began to see long-term customer relationships as a key to company growth.

Digital Marketing Era and Beyond Although history may change the title, the current marketing era as of this writing is known as the digital marketing era or the social marketing era.

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No matter the name, this era is characterized by making personal connections and building relationships on a global scale, involving customers directly in product development decisions and utilizing the Internet to spur word-of-mouth marketing and leverage loyal customer relationships. Succeeding in Social Marketing Presence on social media is vital these days. According to a study by A Sales Guy Consulting, 78 percent of salespeople who utilize social media outperform their peers, and the same is true in all areas of marketing.

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Consumers are searching for information. We are now finding that consumers go online and utilize social media channels to ask other individuals about your product or service. In addition, they find online reviews and recommendations. Outline what separates your product from others, and emphasize on strength.

5 stages of relationship marketing pdf

They are notable for their reliable reporting, comprehensive evaluation editorials, and categorization of different gadgets based on their qualities. For example, in order to maintain fairness, PCMag categorizes laptops differently such as work laptop, ultra-notebooks, …etc in order to provide a more reasonable evaluation that fits the needs of the customer. PCMag is a great tool for consumers to evaluate products.

Product manufactures can contact PCMag and request to get their products included in the magazine. Nothing helps a consumer make a decision about your product more than actually trying your product out! There are many ways this is accomplished. For example, your company can provide your consumer with a free trial or a proof of concept campaign.

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In this stage it is very important to set the customer expectations correctly and deliver on said expectations.

Case Example — Costco Costco is known for their free samples.

5 stages of relationship marketing pdf

I have heard that some customers piecemeal an entire lunch just from bouncing around the free sample tables during a visit to a Costco location. In some cases Costco has seen this strategy increase sales of a product over percent.

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There are additional psychological effects from this, which include consumer loyalty and consumer reciprocity. Consumers feel that if they receive something for free they owe something in return. This is the critical stage that businesses need to get their consumers to.

When the customer is here, you need to make the payment process simple, intuitive, and pain free. In addition, you need to ensure that the consumer can easily obtain the product. If you make it to and through this last phase successfully, than you can take money to the bank — A job well done!

Consumer Adoption Process is for All!

5 stages of relationship marketing pdf

Whether you have a new business or an existing business, a product built for the enterprise or a product built for a consumer; the consumer adoption process is the same. It is important to create a strategy and the necessary tools to successfully take your consumers through these 5 stages.