737 max winglet supplier relationship

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Boeing selects GKN for MAX AT winglet. Survey Reveals Airlines Dissatisfied With OEM MRO Pricing, Interiors Suppliers Boeing has selected GKN to manufacture the Advanced Technology (AT) winglet for the MAX. of our growing relationship,” said Marcus Bryson, CEO, GKN Aerospace and Land Systems. Boeing Awards AVIC with Contract for MAX Inboard Flaps "We appreciate the long, collaborative relationship we have with AVIC Advanced Technology winglet, the MAX reduces fuel burn and CO2 "This is another prime example of how Boeing and Chinese suppliers are working together to. *Two suppliers are manufacturing winglets for the MAX programme, GKN and . relationship with GKN,” said Sir Roger Bone, President of Boeing in the UK.

737 max winglet supplier relationship

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  • Boeing Selects GKN to Build 737 MAX Advanced Technology Winglet

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