Bad relationship country songs

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bad relationship country songs

The Boot counts down the Top 10 love songs in country music. But what about the tunes that celebrate relationships that go the distance? Love Lines: " Through the years, when everything went wrong / Together we are. Some are saying goodbye to a bad relationship. Some are Whatever the situation there are country songs to let us know we aren't alone. When one person in the relationship isn't ready for things to be over it Randy Travis can sing the best country songs like no one else. . The guy wants to be remembered for the good things about him and not only the bad.

He knows he has to say goodbye to the relationship, but he is struggling with it. Listen to and download What Might Have Been The song actually has a very simple lyric. The Dance is about saying goodbye to the past while being thankful for everything that happened. England thought the simple words in the song allowed listeners let the song mean whatever it had to mean for each person.

Garth Brooks The Ultimate Hits The band reached what may have been the peak of their career with One More Day. The song peaked high on multiple charts becoming a crossover success. Losing someone leads to powerful emotions and leaves all of us thinking that it would be wonderful if we could only have one more day with the person we miss.

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One More Day seemed to take on meaning for the loss of Dale Earnhardt as both events happened around the same time. Listen to and download One More Day Their biggest goodbye song was The Long Goodbye. The song has an aching sound to it. Lead vocalist Ronnie Dunn pours emotion into the lyrics of a guy realizes that he must breakup and say goodbye to his lover.

I like this song and like when I still hear it on occasion on radio. Listen to and download The Long Goodbye The guys have a mixture of rocking tracks with attitude to even a few slow songs with passion and emotion. Their biggest hit to this point has been the song simply called Gone.

bad relationship country songs

The song is an in-your-face attitude song that shows the emotion of losing someone you loved. Listen to and download Gone Rather than crying, she has taken up cigarettes and strategically spreads the kerosene: Miranda Lambert was the girl who also sang "Sin for a Sin" 6 on our list. Cheat on her at your own risk.

bad relationship country songs

A kiss on the collar, and the lipstick shade isn't yours. This is not a good sign. In this song, she tells her lover he doesn't know right from wrong and he's made a bad mistake: Then she has a one-night stand with him.

Yet in the ultimate mind game she pleads with him to tell her a series of lies: You are delusional, sister! And don't even get me going about how dangerous your behavior is. The husband chastises her: Ain't nothing like a conscience, even if it's a few minutes late.

It tells the story of a suspicious wife who has caught wind of troubling new behavior in her marriage: Get ready for a smack-down.

bad relationship country songs

Taylor thinks she makes a better match. The girlfriend doesn't get his music or humor like Taylor does and wears a completely uptight style of clothing that contrasts with his and Taylor's. Taylor and he belong together because of their own easy-going relationship. So why hasn't the guy seen this all along? It tells the story of a woman who lies to her rich old husband so that she can go out to the cheating side of town for the evening.

bad relationship country songs

She meets up with a guy she knew from school and also tells him lies about a future together that will never happen. She's a practiced liar, but her eyes give her away. His wife still hopes it is her he is alluding to because he hasn't mentioned anyone's name. They compare notes about their love for the same man: Does he think of you When he's holding me?

And does he whisper all his fantasies? Does he love you like he's been lovin' me? She dolls herself up for the evening and goes searching for love regardless.

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The door slams and he wishes he could chase after her with a gun. Kenny Rogers made the song famous in Angry about the "bleached-blond tramp" her lover has ditched her for, she keys his car, carves her name into his leather seat, takes a baseball bat to the headlights, and slashes his tires.

Please don't take him just because you can. It warns lovers that the guilt of infidelity will keep them up at night. This song was released just weeks after the year-old singer died of heart failure, aggravated by substance abuse. She reassures him that although she's had plenty of opportunities to cheat — and has even come close a time or two —the thought of him leaving keeps her faithful.

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Passion runs high in this Garth Brooks song as a woman seeks vengeance against her cheating husband. He has returned home at 3: He better be ready to hear the insults because they're flying everywhere in this song!

bad relationship country songs

In this song, she reminds her ex-husband that while he is living in a furnished room, driving a beat-up old car, and eating pork and beans off paper plates, she is living a far better life on his money.

Some things just work out that way!

I'm Sorry-Blake Shelton

Sheppard These days, the housewife T. Sheppard sings about in this song would get arrested for what she did. A man vividly recalls his seduction at age 16 yes, that's right by a lonely World War II bride: She even has some guesses. In this humorous song, the man's lover has him convinced that tequila makes her clothes fall off. He tells her to put an extra layer on because she's been known to kick off her shoes, leave her jacket in a bathroom stall, lose an earring in her drink, or a contact down the sink.

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Sometimes we only see what we want to see. Reader Poll We'll keep it a secret. Does tequila make your clothes fall off? Yes, and that's why I love it Yes, and that's why I avoid it That's my story anyhow.