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chinomiko dolce flirt kent

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He makes it a point to ask if these students are female. You even have a chance to make him jealous if you want. April 3rd, at 3: In episode 18, how high does Kentin's affinity have to be to make him go with you at the park? I'm at 78 affinity with him. Is that high enough? Oh ya, that should be plenty high enough. You can either meet Armin or Kentin in front of the park in that episode. Armin was at 94 and Kentin was at So if you have Armin fairly high as well then you might find him instead of Kentin.

I was just watching your playthrough of little red riding hood. I felt so bad.

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This might be wrong of me but I kinda like seeing the boys fight over me. At least he is the one that shows the most displeasure when Candy has the attention of another boy.

chinomiko dolce flirt kent

When Boris announces that Candy will be playing the princess and Nathaniel the prince; things get heated when the kissing scene gets mentioned. Yeah, you just got to love Lysander! Ken's pose is always with his arms open to Candy, as if preparing for a hug. He shows the most variety of facial emotions spanning from rivers of tears coming from under his glasses to large hearts showing up on his glasses.

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He has four expressions in total. When he comes back from military school, he appears very different. He's more muscular and has windblown brown hair that seems to stick out a bit. He grew several inches taller and appears to lean slightly to one side. He no longer has a constant smile upon his face. Instead of the thick glasses, he wears contacts that reveal his green eyes.

He wears an open button up white shirt with a black muscle shirt underneath. From being in the military, he has dark green cargo pants and a dogtag necklace.

He also wears black fingerless gloves. Personality Ken in the Amour Sucre anime.

chinomiko dolce flirt kent

Ken has a sweet and caring personality. He is in love with your Candy and has no trouble showing his affection.

He offers your Candy cookies all the time and is willing to help her out and lend her money. He gives your Candy a teddy bear before leaving that she can put on the dresser in her room.

Ken is very easy to get along with and tries to make friends whenever possible. When he comes back, he prefers to be addressed by his real name, Kentin.

chinomiko dolce flirt kent

He says that Ken is a childish name, not wanting to be called Ken anymore. Deep down, he is still the same sweet Ken, but he appears more mature and more confident. If your Candy was mean to him before he left for military school, he is rude towards her, saying that she broke his heart. He even mentions that he should have done the same thing he did to Amber to her.

If she bumps into him, he begins to apologize, but when he realizes it's her, he begins to get angry and tells her, "there is no need to apologize to a pest like you". Kentin kissing Amber If your Candy was kind to him, he still likes her, but he doesn't have an obsessive crush on her anymore. He tells your Candy that he still cares about her, but is not madly in love with her anymore, although he still has moments of the old Ken.

Kentin kissed Amber at the end of episode twelve. In the beginning of episode thirteen, he told her that she "isn't the slightest bit cute," and a bad kisser for revenge, smashing the cell phone Amber gave him into pieces. As the story goes on, it's revealed that Kentin is "one of the few people who doesn't get upset when people poke fun at him" as your Candy puts it in Episode He is shown to have a very tolerable personality, not getting too upset if someone like Alexy or Armin poke fun at him, or even your Candy.

As of now, he has adopted a german shepherd puppy named Cookie whom appears in future episodes. Friends and Family Maddy: One of them being Maddy, his mother. Him and Maddy appear to have a pretty close relationship, seeing as when Maddy was speaking to the Candy's parents, she'd said he talks about her a lot, Also ending up in covering her mouth when she so casually speaks about it, indicating he is comfortable enough to speak and act freely with his mother.

It is revealed in episode 21 that she was the one who raised him due to his father and his work.

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She's shown being quite motherly toward Kentin, and is shown to be very kind towards everyone.