Gmac relationship with gm

GM: Sale of GMAC Won't Hurt Relations with Dealers - F&I - F&I and Showroom - Page 78

gmac relationship with gm

Jul 13, Ally said it will rebrand its GMAC finance operations in North America GM expects to continue its relationship with Ally, but the auto maker will. Apr 3, "It creates a stronger GMAC, while preserving the mutually beneficial relationship between GM and GMAC." He said the deal was not a sell-off. Ally Financial Inc. is a bank holding company organized in Delaware and headquartered in The company was named GMAC Inc. (an acronym for General Motors Acceptance Corporation) until Ally Detroit Center is occupied by more.

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  • Long after break-up, GM still needs GMAC
  • GM: Sale of GMAC Won't Hurt Relations with Dealers
  • GM reaches agreement to sell controlling stake in GMAC

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gmac relationship with gm

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