Hand reading relationship lines

When Will You Get Married? Find Out Your Marriage Age by Palmistry

hand reading relationship lines

Marriage Line: Love & Relationship lines Palm Reading & Palmistry! | Scientific Truth about Relationship Lines on the Palm, relationship lines, affection lines. Marriage line (also relationship line or affection line) mainly reflects the situation of your marriage life in Palmistry. Get what does a short marriage line, straight. These palmistry marriage lines are quite important when it comes to figuring out the kind of relationship one will have in their lifetime. You can.

True Significance of the Marriage Line in Palm Reading

Palm reading, as we all know, is the ancient art of trying to decipher how your life will turn out to be, with the help of the intricate lines on your palm.

Palm reading is not an exact science, experts claim that it is considerably accurate.

marriage line- love indications- influence line in detail palmistry - MARRIAGE AGE - palm reading

The main lines on our palm are the head line, heart line, and life line. Marriage Line This small line s is located underneath the base of the little finger or the pinky.

hand reading relationship lines

It is not as prominent and deep as the three other major lines, but it can be seen clearly. Pointers for Reading a Marriage Line Different aspects of the line indicate different things, like the depth of the line, nature, curvature, and so on.

  • True Significance of the Marriage Line in Palm Reading
  • Chinese Palm Reading – Marriage Line

Given below are the meanings of what each of the factors indicate. Long and Straight Marriage Lines When the marriage line or lines are long and straight, it is an indicator of a long and satisfactory relationship. The love line or heart line, is located very close to the marriage line on our palm. Faint Marriage Lines In the said area of marriage lines, faint lines represent flings and romances.

On the contrary, if the line is prominent and deep, it is a strong indicator of marriage, according to palm reading. Fig 2 If you have multiple marriage lines, the one most obvious and close to the heart line shall prevail. Marriage Line Decurved and Intersected with Heart Line Suggests Early Marriage Fig 3 If your marriage line is decurved and intersected with heart line, you may think about get married after starting a relationship, thus have an early marriage.

When Will You Get Married?

Fig 3 Two or More Marriage Lines Suggest Late Marriage If you have two or more marriage lines, your love may not go as you wish but often have troubles; your road to marriage will be full of twists and turns, so you will get married late. Intermittent Marriage Line Suggests Late Marriage The intermittent marriage line suggests the twists and turns in love; you may often break up and are not free to marry, thus always get married late.

Fig 6 Fig 4 Chain Shaped Marriage Line Suggests Early Marriage If you marriage line is chain shaped and has many branches, you may devote too much to love and fall deep in love once you meet the right one.

hand reading relationship lines

Fig 4 Marriage Line with Forked End Suggests Late Marriage If you have a marriage line with forked end, you may fall in love with two at the same time and don't know which one to choose; you will feel lost in love and dare not get married rashly, thus get married late.

If you have multiple relationship lines of various lengths, you will be very charming and popular among others, especially the opposite sex. Where the relationship lines intersect with the fate line, you will be blessed by the propitious star governing marriages and get married early if the intersection is at the lower position; on the contrary, you will get married late if the intersection is at the higher position.

Marriage Line Palm Reading Guide- Chinese Palmistry

If the relationship lines do not intersect with the fate line, you may be loved by many opposite sex but cannot be madly in love or get married with any of them due to the poor luck in marriage. No matter what kind of line you have, a sound marriage needs you to manage carefully.

Length Fig 1 Straight Long A straight long marriage line indicates deep and long love. It shows you are passionate, gentle and usually have a happy family. If you only have one marriage line which is deep and long, close to or touch the Sun line, it shows you could not only enjoy a happy marriage but also achieve great success in career after marriage.

Fig 1 Short If your marriage line is short, it indicates passionless to the opposite sex. If it's also shallow, you usually lack the patience to pursue the opposite sex and hard to fall deep when fall in love.

In most times, if you own this kind of line, you are likely to get married lately. It predicts your partner will die earlier than you. If it curves downwards suddenly, your partner may suffer from accidental death. Another situation is that it curves downwards and touches the heart line. This indicates marriage crises and personality clashes with your partner. So, a separation or divorce may be happened.