Nurse physician relationship definition essay

Contemporary Nurse Physician Relationship Essay

nurse physician relationship definition essay

The issues raised in the survey were based in part on an earlier essay in The New England Journal of Medicine called "The Doctor-Nurse Game Revisited. "Women Nurses and Male Physicians: Their Educational Relationships. Carey, J.W. Culture as Communication: Essays on Media and Society Boston: Cicourel, A. Cognitive Sociology: Language and Meaning in Social Interaction London. Buy 'Nursing / Doctor / Physician' essays for college student research or Following a fundamental meaning of caring, consisting of Watson's caring Our research found two descriptions of the relationship between nurses in physicians.

The Study In this section, we will present the measures we used to assess perceptions of the quality of the healthcare environment and the steps we took to protect our human subjects. We will also describe our research and data analysis procedures, along with assumptions made in this study.

nurse physician relationship definition essay

It looks at the presence of positive physician and nurse characteristics, organizational characteristics beliefs about the importance of nurse-physician respect, communication, and collaboration on patient outcomesand frequency of joint-patient-care decision making.

The 13 items in the PPEAS are worded so it does not matter if the respondent is a nurse or physician; respondents are asked to rate their agreement with each item using a scale of 1 to Larger numbers indicate a more positive perception of the presence of that element in the environment.

The overall quality of the professional practice environment is assessed by summing the 13 items. Scores can range from 13 towith higher scores indicating a more positive professional practice environment.

Scores are standardized 0 to by converting the raw score to a percentage to allow for easier comparisons. This suggests it was a reliable measure in this sample. The PPEAS examines perceptions of evidence of mutual respect experienced in the professional practice environment; however it was unclear if nurses and physicians would differ in their beliefs about what respectful behavior looks like.

To determine what behaviors nurses and physicians considered respectful, we asked a single, forced-choice question with six possible responses. Finally, to determine if behaviors and attitudes of individual physicians might impact nursing practice decisions, we posed a single question to nurse respondents.

nurse physician relationship definition essay

Consent was implied if respondents submitted a survey. No identifying information was included on the survey form; even the researchers were not aware of the identity of individual respondents. It is estimated that this email invitation was sent to 4, nurses and physicians.

Because nurses and physicians receive dozens of emails each day, they often do not even open the ones that do not appear to be important. Hence the email invitations were distributed to each group nurses and physicians by their respective directors, to maximize likelihood that the email invitation would be considered important and would be opened.


Data collection lasted 30 days, with weekly reminders sent out for the four weeks of the study. Data Analysis The sample was described by measures of central tendencies and frequencies. Range, mean, and standard deviation were used to describe the professional practice environment; frequencies were used to identify behaviors that most demonstrated respect and to determine the extent to which physician behavior or attitude impacts nursing practice decisions.

nurse physician relationship definition essay

Analysis of variance ANOVA and chi-square analysis were used to compare nurse and physician groups on major study variables. Multivariate analysis of variance MANOVAusing group nurse-physician as the independent variable and the four PPEAS subscales as dependent variables, were used to assess observed differences between nurses and physicians. Independence of observations was controlled by study design.

The assumption that the dependent variables are normally distributed was confirmed with visual inspection of histograms and Q to Q plots. Still, he has some serious weaknesses that also threaten potential care strategies. One of his major weaknesses is his affinity for smoking and drinking.

He often smokes right after he is stabilized and nurses have reported that he comes in drunk often as well.

Relationships Between Nurses and Physicians Matter

This is a clear issue that is undoubtedly affecting his health and recovery, but John does not seem to want to change his behaviors and adapt to his new way of life that requires greater attention to his health and well being.

He has been to the facility 16 times in a year and a half, showing a clear inability to adapt thus far which is concerning for future health care goals. When he arrives, he is just looking to ease his immediate pain. It is important for the nursing staff to encourage a broader view of his health concerns to influence him to better internalize why prevention methods would help him feel better in the long run. This would help him adapt to certain treatment strategies and suggestions.

Another long-term goal would be to connect John in social groups and organizations that will help him make more meaningful connections with others. Right now he is lonely, and that can be a negative factor in his health.

Increasing his positive relationships through more social engagement would be a huge benefit. Nursing staff can ask to speak with his daughter, but also recommend joining social meet up groups that include members in his same age group with the same interests.

Negligent attitude from the supervisory officials or human resource department will definitely post a wrong sign and encourage opportunistic individuals to get on with their misbehavior with impunity.

nurse physician relationship definition essay

The onus lies with the human resource professionals to ensure that work ethics are not compromised in any way and that professional stature of the person or other individual reasons do not interfere in an impartial hearing of the reported abuses. The hospital management must encourage an open atmosphere where employees can apprise them of their concerns without any hesitation and promote an impartial discussion pertaining to any reported misbehavior.

It certainly takes a combined effort on the part of the human resource professionals and the employees to create a congenial working climate and to prune up the weeds that in any way threaten to destroy the positive, hope giving, and curative hospital ambience.

nurse physician relationship definition essay

Pathe, "Patients who stalk doctors: Bouchard, " Nurses Place Violent Workplace: Study" Retrieved on February 17th,from http: Phillips, and Margaret S. Fenton, "Physicians and Sexual Misconduct, retrieved on February 16thfrom, http: Coding labels would ultimately help automate the process further, removing potential for human error in the manual documentation of various allografts. By eliminating the search for the binders, the nurses will be able to complete their required paperwork in a timely fashion.

This new system will prevent the nurse from failing to complete the appropriate paperwork by oversight or on purpose. By increasing compliance of graft tracking, we comply better with The Joint Commission's requirements, hospital policy, and increase patient safety. For example, there are clear concerns regarding the high investment costs of such technologies. Thus, there is an additional problem in being able to justify the costs of such technology. It is important to explore the potential increase in quality of care provided in order to therefore justify such high initial expenditures.

Keeping the human tissue transplants safe. Cells and tissues in North America. Cell Tissue Bank, 11 4 The development of a tissue request tracking system for the CHTN: A case study in managing change in informatics for biobanking operations.

A medical assistant in an outpatient department of a hospital or another health facility may be permitted to perform other tasks surrounding IV therapy Keir She may be asked to set up the IV therapy equipment, initiate it, monitor the patient on the therapy, discontinue it, or teach the patient about the therapy. In the interest of her profession, she should be updated with State laws and facility protocol about her role. In setting the equipment up, she should make sure that the drug and dosage and the equipment are correct.

When she inserts an IV, she must observe stringent hygienic measures.

Relationships Between Nurses and Physicians Matter

She should perform the procedure competently before she actually carries it out. She should review the signs and symptoms of complications when monitoring another patient on the therapy. If she is ordered to discontinue the therapy, she should make sure she applies pressure to stop the bleeding and apply standard precautionary measures.

She should be knowledgeable about the reasons for therapy in transmitting that knowledge to the patient about IV therapy and the procedure involved.

She must remember that the patient is a human being with psychosocial needs. In addition to her skills and tasks, she should be able to educate and comfort the person according to his or her personal and special circumstances and needs, such as those of older persons and children Keir.

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Statistics show that employment for medical assistants is predicted to increase faster and is the fastest growing occupation Keir Bureau of Labor Statistics: Department of Labor, Retrieved on February 23, from http: Medical Assisting 5th edition, Thomson Delmar Learning: Retrieved on February 22, from http: Massachusetts Massachusetts is the 44th largest state in the United States with 7, square miles of land Netstate.

By comparison, New Hampshire NH is the 45th largest state with 8, square miles of land. Nurse Practitioners' Autonomy The current role of nurse practitioners in the United States will need to be upgraded significantly in the near future for two important reasons.

Nursing This study has the following limitations; the chosen location, the chosen industries, the population, environmental factors and several uncontrollable variables; which are briefly outlined below. The chosen location is Houston, Texas United States. I worked on numerous units such as the medical, surgical, and mental health units.