Piccolo gohan relationship advice

Top 10 DBZ Relationships Part 3 (#3-#1)

piccolo gohan relationship advice

During Piccolo and Goku's battle against the evil Raditz, Gohan exhibited an unforeseen power level, which explosively exposed itself as the. Gohan's relationship with Piccolo is one of the more important dynamics in the entire franchise. It is their bond that allowed Piccolo to become. A page for describing Characters: Dragon Ball Piccolo. Main Character Index | Main Characters | Son Goku (A-C, D-H, I-O, P-Z) | Piccolo | Son Gohan | Vegeta .

While he is oftentimes a catalyst for change in several of the main villains in the franchise, it is actually the other characters that help redeem the villains.

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Vegeta was humanized by his relationship with Trunks and Bulma. Tien saw the error of his ways mostly because of Master Roshi.

piccolo gohan relationship advice

Android 18 found redemption in her relationship with Krillin. Majin Buu became a good guy because of his bond with Mr. It is their bond that allowed Piccolo to become the hero he would be recognized as during Z, and it gave Gohan a father figure that was not, well, Goku.

Even after Gohan and Goku train together at the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan would remain wearing the same purple gi that Piccolo wears; he would wear that same kind of gi up until towards the end of the Buu Saga. It is an impressive feat, especially considering he has never been a part of any canon material.

All of his acts of villainy have been strictly been stuck within the realm of the non-canon, which includes movies and specials. However that proved to be false. As it turned out in movie ten, Broly Second Coming, he survived and crashed landed on Earth.

Goku was dead during that time, so it was up to Gohan to finish Broly off. With the help of his younger brother Goten, the brothers were able to combine their Kamehamehas to finish off the Saiyan menace for good this time.

The spirit of Goku was with his sons though, adding in his own Kamehameha to create an epic family Kamehameha to defeat Broly. First come, first serve. However, they are rarely shown stopping smaller crimes like robbery. So when Gohan decided he needed to help the little people, he chose to do it with a disguise.

Goku is not above helping the small folk; he is a man who stayed with a newly hatched dinosaur until their mother returned. Though he has killer moments at other times in the Dragon Ball franchise, nothing else would ever stand out so brightly. Dragon Ball Z had spent literal years building up to Gohan and unlocking his power. Nothing in the rest of Dragon Ball Z would ever put Gohan up again on such an epic pedestal.


Still, Goku is an awful husband and father. Gohan is a responsible adult. Fusion Reborn, the barriers between life and death are destroyed. Evil souls from Hell return to Earth and wreck havoc. This included virtually everyone Goku and the gang had fought at one time or another, including the warlord Frieza. Frieza was the big bad in Dragon Ball Z for an incredible amount of episodes.

He alone is responsible for Goku turning Super Saiyan and jumpstarting the rest of the franchise. Goku beat Frieza, but only thanks to the Super Saiyan power.

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When Frieza appears in Fusion Reborn, Gohan, decked out in his Great Saiyaman outfit, kills the intergalactic tyrant with one punch without going Super Saiyan. Many villains that begin their tenure as evil change their way of thinking and join the good guys. Vegeta was humanized by his relationship with Trunks and Bulma, Android 18 found redemption through her love for Krillin, and the list goes on.

piccolo gohan relationship advice