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92 results Group Account Director Fortune Promoseven Egypt - McCann Erickson WW .. Media, Media Planning, Mobile Marketing, Relationship Marketing. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Encomium Relationship Marketing FZ LLC Provide Database Marketing, Cross Sell Models, LTV Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Database Management.

They will only see you as another high pressure sales person and not a friend. People want to be around people who really show that they care about them and have their best interest at heart. This is shown over time every time. If you treat people in your life as if they were just a crowd of people in the local mall passing by your store then you will lose in the long run. If you want someone to be loyal to you over time then you must be loyal to them over time. They MUST feel good about knowing you and being around you every time they see you.

The emotions we experience build pictures in our minds that become our belief system about everyone and everything. You must have tools that help you to do just that. A simple text to let them know you are checking on them and pray everything is great in their life. A card with their memories on it and a note telling them how much you value their friendship.

A simple phone call to have a simple conversation with them about their lives, families and even their needs.

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When you take the time to listen and you respond to them to help them with their needs or requests this shows them that you really care and value them.

Establishing a fear free zone relationship. When people trust you they share with you their needs, wants and desires. They are more willing to allow you to share with them your ideas, products and services that will help them without you trying to sell to them up front.

Including people in your social activity invites: After hour hangouts etc. Sending thank you cards with gifts or flowers often shouts out that you value them.

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Emotional interaction is everything. The more emotional that people are about you the more they want to be connected to you. People always join people. She recognized early on that businesses needed a social media marketing, and she dove right in to be the expert. Does anyone have more passion, drive, work ethic and creativity than Jessika?

Convert prospects into customers and advocates of your brand!

She's one of the brightest people I've ever met! Don't pass up any opportunity to work with her! Jessika is not only an expert on social media marketing, but she also has an excitement about the subject and the use of technology in marketing.

Her positive energy is contagious. After a couple quick meetings, the NOW Marketing Group helped design the Visual Eyes logo and we began the implementation of creating my website.

I recently was asked to write an article in an optometry journal about search engine optimization and my website. The journal's editors were curious how my business shows up in top search results on the internet. I credit this to Jessika and the NOW marketing staff. Jessika is an authority on the subject of social media and helping you and your business effectively and positively engage your customers and target audience. She is highly energetic, passionate and quick to suggest tips, online tools and applications that can solve any social media problem you face.

If your business is looking to grow with a social media presence, you should be talking to Jessika.