Robert buckley shantel vansanten relationship tips

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robert buckley shantel vansanten relationship tips

Robert Buckley, Shantel VanSanten, One Tree Hill too: "Obviously, Clay and I get along, but Quinn is still married, so it will be interesting to. Posts about robert buckley written by hacethasit. Tags: dating, one tree hill, robert buckley, shantel vansanten they will if rob has anything to say about it. rob tells tv guide that he hopes they can make it after such a grandiose declaration of. One Tree Hill's Shantel VanSanten: Road Bumps Are Ahead for Quinn and Clay ushered in a new pair of hotties — Robert Buckley and Shantel VanSanten. who ran to Tree Hill as an escape from her declining marriage.

Not as much as I was in the first episode. I think we managed to squeeze a couple of shirtless scenes in there, but there's a respectable amount of shirtless-ness, not too much overkill. What's it like filming in Wilmington, N.

robert buckley shantel vansanten relationship tips

There are aspects of being in that smaller city that I love, [but] the one downside is that since it's a small town, you can't get away with doing much without everyone finding out. The woman behind the counter was like, "We took a picture on set Friday and I blog about the show. Now she's going to blog that I dressed like a hobo. But everyone's been really sweet. Your last two series Lipstick Jungle and Privileged were both canceled.

What's it like to join an established show with a huge fan base? I've never had the experience of having so many loyal fans so present and so visible.

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There's literally a group that will come to set and hang out everyday, take pictures, sign autographs, say hi. I didn't have any idea of how strong and vocal the fan base was, but they have one heck of a large following. I was a fan of Lipstick.

robert buckley shantel vansanten relationship tips

If you had come back for a third season, what would you have wanted for Nico and your character Kirby? I liked the direction they were starting to go in. There was nothing grandiose or false about the problems they had.

He's a younger guy who's not established and doesn't make the money she makes [and] there are a lot of struggles with that. But what people also would like to know is her love life and personal relationships. Many of those who are up to date with what goes in her life might know the fact that she is in an adorable relationship with her boyfriend. So let us take a stroll through her personal life! With the beauty Shantel possesses, she has been able to capture the eyes and make a firm place in many people's hearts.

But has someone been able to capture the heart of this beautiful lady? The answer might as well be a "YES" as she has a boyfriend in her life and shares a romantic and smooth relationship with him.

robert buckley shantel vansanten relationship tips

She was enjoying the drinks with her boyfriend and was on several trips to the spa and resorts. Similarly, Days of Our Lives star made his relationship public on Instagram back on 7 July following the adorable kissing picture with Shantel on National Kissing Day.

robert buckley shantel vansanten relationship tips

Victor Webster's Instagram While Victor has been open about his relationship with actress Shantel, she seems to have taken a timeout to share the good news with millions of followers. Shantel VanSanten's Instagram While she seems secured about her new dating life, her relationship with the British actor Jon Fletcher was the memorable one.

Robert Buckley on New Tree Hill Role: "There's a Respectable Amount of Shirtless-ness" | TV Guide

Since the couple removed all the pictures from their Instagram, they have still remained mum about the state of their relationship.

But Shantel has already another love interest whom she is hitting the public places. Beautiful Shantel has previously been in several other relationships which did not manage to last for that long. She dated Michael Johnson fromand she also dated James Lafferty from