Screen refresh rate wont change relationship

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screen refresh rate wont change relationship

Do these things have a direct relationship, does it even work like that The hz of your monitor won't change between resolutions unless your. It was my original belief that having a monitor refresh rate that is higher than Would setting a refresh rate that is significantly faster than the screen can change . In any case it won't "suddenly" amplify the effects of ghosting. The refresh rate is the frequency that the monitor updates the pixels on its doesn't update while the monitor is drawing), the image won't tear.

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This is provable in so many ways I don't even know where you all came up with the idea that all framerates are half the refresh rate. Richard Jan 19, Watch youtube in 60 fpsit's the same smoothness of a game running at hz fps fraps.

A game running at 60 fps isn't give you the same feel of a 60fps video from youtube or filmed with an camera Try to compare a game running at 60 fpsto a video at 60 fps, you will notice a huge difference in smoothness! I heard this thing from a tehnician i know, he's knowing what he's saying.

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NRThunderman Jan 20,6: I've already said a thing that can give you something to think about When you're playing a game, you expect instant responsiveness. When you move the mouse, you expect to see that you're moving the mouse.

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There are three main variables to consider here: If your input response time and monitor response time are sufficiently low, then you can look at framerate issues. Think about it this way: In contrast, if you blink twice as often as normal, you'll miss twice as much of the world If you're turning your head while blinking quickly, you'll get a weird effect where it will look like your head is jumping from place to place. Framerate works the same way. A higher framerate is like blinking slowly, so you see as much as possible from the game.

A lower framerate is like blinking quickly, so when you try to move or change something in the game, it feels laggy. A youtube video has zero input from you.

Frame Rate (FPS) vs Refresh Rate (Hz)

Watching a movie or video at a certain framerate will always look smoother than playing a game at the same framerate. NewGuy Jun 11,3: I could notice the difference between 30fps and 60fps. That guy I quoted was lying.

screen refresh rate wont change relationship

What she may have meant is only true in the case of interlaced video output such as in TV and analog video, in which 60Hz interlaced provides 30fps at full resolution with the right field order, and forcing full 60 fps will require a decrease in resolution by half, and cause visible combing artifacts.

I think most if not all PC monitors work with progressive video output, and not interlaced video output.

screen refresh rate wont change relationship

I just ask the question because I'm playing black ops 2. The resolution and setting on my monitor is 60 hz Now when I'm in the options in game I set sync every frame to on. Then the option for max frames per second it greys out and sits on unlimited.

If my monitor refresh rate is 60 hertz is my game fps 60?

In game then my max fps is If I go back to the settings and turn sync every frame to off. Frame rate and refresh rate: This typically comes up when discussing the compatibility of our products with various video signals, but unfortunately it sometimes causes confusion to customers and Epiphan support staff alike when the terms are used incorrectly or interchangeably.

The confusion between the two is understandable — both refresh rate and frame rate refer to the number of times a still frame is shown per second. For example, both a 60 hz signal and a 60 fps video are made up of 60 still images per second.

But refresh rate and frame rate are not actually the same thing! A CRT monitor is made up of a glass picture tube with a phosphor screen on one side and an electron gun at the back. The electron gun fires a beam at the screen and lights up the phosphor. The number of times per second this still image is drawn is known as the refresh rate, which is measured in hertz Hz.

How to Overclock your 60Hz Monitor (Sometimes up to ~80Hz)

Once the electron gun hits the bottom, it turns off, goes all the way back to the top left corner and starts again. A refresh rate of at least 80 hertz generally produces less flicker. Refresh rate is important to the story because a specified refresh rate impacts the encoding process of modern-day digital signals.

Consider encoding a signal without the use of compression. For example, a raw p 60 fps signal would end up having the following total bitrate: With the use of encoding and compression however, that same video would maintain fantastic quality at perhaps 1.

To enable such a reduction in data size, encoded video needs to allow for compression and reduced colorspaces.

screen refresh rate wont change relationship