Spiritual relationship with animals

spiritual relationship with animals

Self-awareness is most important for animals to progress spiritually. Building a relationship with an animal demonstrates to it that lasting. For example, an obvious spiritual relationship would be a childhood imaginary friend. A less obvious one might be a favorite stuffed animal that you keep nearby . (PETS/HUMAN ANIMAL CONNECTION) You love your pet, but are you connected spiritually? Learn how you can be and how pets help people.

Get ready for an incredible journey! If we allow them to show us, we can gain a sense of illumination about what we need to learn. It gives validation to the notion that all dogs are sentient beings who express their gifts differently. Listening to your dog is the key to empowerment. Your souls become more accessible and a deeper spiritual connection is built.

Developing A Spiritual Connection With Your Pet

Unfortunately, we often mis-interpret their subtle or not so subtle cues as bad behavior. In doing so, we miss the magic every dog is capable of. By listening to our dogs, our lives can be turned into something incredible by just letting go of our desire to control them. We can build a deeper spiritual bond in our relationships with them while enhancing their natural spiritual tendencies, and healing abilities if we let go of our expectations and accept them for who they are while loving them unconditionally.

7 Spiritual Lessons from Your Pet | The Chopra Center

If you permit your dogs to lead the way, if you allow them to communicate, if you listen to them, trust them, respect them and nurture their organic talents, you will learn the important messages your furry best friends want to share with you. But, I believe dogs are on this earth for a purpose much Grander than we may ever know. Ricochet is not so much about a dog who surfs but about the impact she has in the lives she touches, one paw at a time.

The animal feels this love psychically as well as physically.

spiritual relationship with animals

It realizes it is worthy of receiving such love, and this helps to build self-worth, therefore self awareness. Plus, love is the highest vibration and raises the vibrational energies of the animal individual. Focus on the Individual Look into it's eyes, give some of your time, make the animal the sole focus of your attention during those times.

The animal feels special, like an individual, hence it becomes more self-aware. Personify Treat the animal like a person as far as possible. Talk to it, it can hear your tone of voice and gauge your emotion.

Demonstrate the importance of the animal by giving it it's own belongings, it's own attention, it's own role in the household or group. Let it share in mealtimes. Build a Relationship Building a relationship with an animal demonstrates to it that lasting bonds are beneficial, and that it is worthy of such interaction.

spiritual relationship with animals

It will learn that on one side of the relationship is you the human and on the other side is the animal individual. This relationship again reinforces the concept of individuality and self-worth for the animal, and therefore self-awareness. Provide Necessities Provide protection, care, love, food, water, warmth and any other physical or emotional assistance that the animal needs. They have a lot of intelligence and are very loving and compassionate.

Light pinks and yellows can be seen in these animals. A monkey has a very energetic aura, a lot of reds and oranges. An aggressive animal such as a tiger or lion has a lot of dynamic power. On the other hand, an elephant has a lot of compassion so it, too, has pink. They express anger, fear, sadness, and joy in their auras like humans do. Their auras also change by the type of activity they are engaged in.

All animals have a white point of light at the forehead. This is the seat of their intelligence and spiritual life.

Spiritual Connections With Pets & Animals | Global Animal

The energy almost always seen radiating from this point is silver, showing they are expressing that intelligence. Animals have plenty of smarts but it is different from the human.

For example, animals have conscious awareness, but not self-conscious awareness, which means they have not yet developed the power of abstract objective thought except in a rudimentary form.

spiritual relationship with animals

They do not yet have the same kind of free will that we can express. Their thinking is completely engaged in the instinctual levels and will express their desires and wants in that way. They work through the group consciousness, where different species of animals share a type of collective behavior pattern. Animals have a subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the seat of memory. All our experiences, thoughts and behavior patterns are recorded in the subconscious. Animals form very strong subconscious instinctual behavior patterns.

This is how they know how to take care of themselves, hunt for food, procreate and take care of their young.

spiritual relationship with animals

All these instinctual patterns are stored in their subconscious mind. Depending on their level of intelligence and awareness, this is why certain animals can be trained as their subconscious mind can be conditioned.