Systematic relationship definition

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systematic relationship definition

Simple definition. Statistics Definitions > Statistical Relationship The systematic increase doesn't have to be exact (i.e. up by ten units each. systematic relationship definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'systematic Reverso dictionary, English definition, English vocabulary. A Systematic Relationship Between Functional Connectivity and .. The derived measure represents a heuristic definition of available signal in.

While functional connectivity and myelin content are closely linked in unimodal areas, the correspondence is lower in transmodal areas, especially in posteromedial cortex and the angular gyrus.

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Our findings are in agreement with comprehensive reports linking histologically assessed microstructure and connectivity in different mammalian species and extend them to the human cerebral cortex in vivo.

In particular, long-range connections preferentially occur between areas with similar microstructural features e.

Microstructural similarity has therefore been suggested as a general connectivity principle—or wiring rule—of the mammalian cortex Barbas ; Pandya et al. This claim is supported by quantitative analyses of the macaque Beul et al.

systematic relationship definition

The aforementioned animal studies rely on combined tract-tracing and postmortem histology, invasive approaches that are unsuitable to study the human brain. While magnetic resonance imaging MRI -based techniques to assess cortical connectivity have been widely adopted, the analysis of human cortical microstructure remains challenging. Some recent studies have related cytoarchitectonic data, available from the literature, to connectivity measures derived from MRI in a separate group of subjects.

systematic relationship definition

Thus, van den Heuvel et al. Moreover, Goulas et al. These findings lend strong support for a relationship between macroscale connectivity and microstructural features in the human cortex.

systematic relationship definition

Factors such as mutations, genetic divergence, and hybridization all are considered evolutionary units. Studying the diversity of organisms and the differentiation between extinct and living creatures.

systematic relationship definition

Biologists study the well-understood relationships by making many different diagrams and "trees" cladograms, phylogenetic trees, phylogenies, etc. Including the scientific names of organisms, species descriptions and overviews, taxonomic orders, and classifications of evolutionary and organism histories.

Explaining the biodiversity of the planet and its organisms. The systematic study is that of conservation.

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Manipulating and controlling the natural world. This includes the practice of 'biological control', the intentional introduction of natural predators and disease.

This is a field with a long history that in recent years has experienced a notable renaissance, principally with respect to theoretical content. Part of the theoretical material has to do with evolutionary areas topics e and f abovethe rest relates especially to the problem of classification.


Taxonomy is that part of Systematics concerned with topics a to d above. Taxonomy, systematic biology, systematics, biosystematics, scientific classification, biological classification, phylogenetics: At various times in history, all these words have had overlapping, related meanings. However, in modern usage, they can all be considered synonyms of each other.