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is the mother of Asbel Lhant and Hubert Oswell, who was born Hubert Lhant; the wife of Lord Aston Lhant; and Sophie's adoptive grandmother in Tales of Graces. At first, the two did not get along well, as Kerri did not want to be married, and This event paved the way to their good relationship and eventual marriage. For Tales of Graces f on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Hubert story question (spoiler)". because he didn't want his sons to end up fighting for the title of lord lhant aston and his bro fought over the lord title and ended up in a strained relationship. his bro ended up dying and. She first appears when Asbel, Hubert and the mystery girl return from meadow, distraught that the boys left her Status image as a child in Tales of Graces.

Kurusu Kurusu 6 years ago 29 I don't agree. She really got embarrassed because she really thought it would be awkward to have a strong smell at a wedding.

And she didn't get distracted at all. It's kind of the common joke to have this kind of divine retribution when someone fails at understanding something like that. Now, Fourier, she's sharp enough to know how Hubert feels without having to ask Pascal. Heck, even Asbel noticed And she even could have just asked Malik, and it's easy to see how they're so much different from one another they'd be a good match.

Still, I'm pretty sure Pascal doesn't really have any strong feelings towards Hubert.

Kerri Lhant

She likes to tease him like how she calls her Hu at the end of the Future Arcbut that's it. She wouldn't just latch on to him and use him to get through life; she's her own woman, doing what she wants, when she wants As a child, Hubert was always studying random things, and he was sent off to Strahta to give him the best education that money can buy. He's shown to have been a lover of various popular children's franchises, like the Sunscreen Rangers or Troll Calibur comics from which he derived his fighting style, LOL and even corrects Pascal about the Suncreen Rangers mythos once And as I said about the independant thing, Hubert is a shining star with a lot of potential.

Many women will go after him for his money and power. And simply by nature of who Pascal is, he knows that wouldn't be the case with her. Honestly, she's usually too busy with her own research and projects to really pay much attention to mundane wants and needs Anyone who's seen Hubert's thoughts on marriage knows why this is important. Kerri was touched by his words and gave him her name.

Aston complimented her by saying her name is beautiful. This event paved the way to their good relationship and eventual marriage. Prologue Kerri makes her first appearance in the Prologue when the group returns to the manor from their inquiries about Sophie.

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Kerri informs Asbel and Hubert that Aston wants to speak with them, to which Asbel responds that their father will only yell at them. Kerri attempts to tell him that Aston only thinks about their best interests. After seeing Asbel ask Cheria Barnes to watch after Sophie, Kerri apologizes on his behalf and tells her that she should rest. Worried for her safety, Kerri forbids Asbel on taking Cheria with him when they play, much to Asbel and Cheria's chagrin.

When Cheria suddenly starts to have a fit, Kerri orders Frederic to take her home.