Tamil brahmin relationship names

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tamil brahmin relationship names

Given below is the list of names of relations and family members in the various local languages spoken in different parts of India (and Sri Lanka) and among. Brahmin Tamil (Tamil: பிராமண தமிழ்) is the name a dialect of Tamil traditionally spoken by Tamil Brahmins. The dialect, largely, uses Classical Tamil . person marries, he establishes relationship with the girl whom he marries Thus in Tamil, to denote a male parent the term appa* is used and the kinship terms existing in Tamil. The terms .. informants address their wives with the form name + ammas. an attention caller used by the Brahmin wives to draw the attention.

All the elderly members of the family participate in rituals. They place a tall wooden stick outside the house and raise the banana trees covered with decorations to symbolically announce that there is a marriage happening in the house.

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This is one of the oldest rituals of Tamilian wedding and being followed by almost all the Tamil families. The elder people of the family bless the bride and groom of the house and seek the blessings from the God for hassle free wedding. Vratham is the fast that happens generally a day before the wedding. On this day, a clay pot filled with nine varieties of grains is kept aside.

tamil brahmin relationship names

The married women of the family pour water in the pot and allow the grains to sprout for the day. This is a symbolic rituals, where the pot is considered as houses, grains as bride and groom and the sprouts indicates the prosperity in the family.

Brahmin Tamil

The family members sing traditional folk songs during various rituals and rejoice. After a day or two the pot is immersed into the pond, where fishes can eat the grains. Jaanavasam is nothing but a small ceremony, which is conducted just before the reception. The Tamil bride and groom came in a gorgeously decorated car and they get down outside the marriage hall.

tamil brahmin relationship names

Nowadays, to make it more glorious and fancy, the Tamil groom came on a horse of on a chariot. This ritual is performed to welcome the groom and perform aarthi. A display of fireworks is a part of the procession. It is a small pre-wedding important function where the Tamil bride offers prayers to the God in the presence of a priest.

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Some families like to showcase most of the items in the gift collection. However, the family of the bride has already welcomed the groom on previous day itself, but this is another round of welcoming that will happened on the day of the wedding. Print When it comes to prejudice, Indians lead the rest of the world by a very long mile. Every community has a very poor view of all other communities. If you are an Iyer from Tamil Nadu, you will not only wrinkle your nose at Palghat Iyers you will also harrumph a bit.

Iyengars, on the other hand, will merely purse their lips and change the subject.

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There were no, or very few, Iyengars when the slow migration began. Iyers worship Shiva and the Iyengars Vishnu. It was natural, therefore, that the migrant Brahmins would be Iyers. Meanwhile in Kerala, where the Palghat district is on the northern border with Tamil Nadu, they will actually become agitated.

Ethiopian Origin Of The Tamils Or Dravidian Indians,

There is also suspicion, distrust, dislike etc. This is partly because Palghat Iyers are highly intelligent, educated, well-off and successful at whatever they try their hand. The Malayalis call them pattars, a derisive term for Brahmins in Kerala. Furthermore, as someone said, they are seen as being in Kerala but not of it. They speak Tamil at home with a thick Malayali accent, which irritates both the Tamils and the Malayalis.

As the centuries rolled by, the Iyers of Kerala became something like the Ashkenazi Jews, who formed a distinct, standalone, rich and influential group with a markedly different identity in the Holy Roman Empire about 1, years ago.

If you are a North Indian, you can only understand these attitudes towards Palghat Iyers in terms of Sindhis and how they are viewed in North India. In a country where even the slightest difference becomes a reason for detestation and prejudice, prosperity is a very big one. They settled on the banks of the river Kalapathy in the Palghat area.