Teito frau relationship quotes

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teito frau relationship quotes

Another Frau and Teito collage suggested by Dark-kanita good pic for what i wanted to do so i used it hehe and the quote is the dedication Frau made to Teito. . and the relationship him and Teito have is btcmu.info all the. In fact, when Mikage and Teito meet again in the 7th district, Frau queries the Their relationship as friends involves a lot of Mikage teasing Teito about his short . Frau is one of the main characters in the 07 Ghost anime and manga series. Quotes Edit Frau seems to dislike the thought of Teito getting taller: In the manga, Teito once said that he will Despite his womanizing nature, almost all of his most prominent relationships are with other males, and there have been many.

And after Mikage helped Teito escape he is captured and brutally questioned by Ayanami and Hyuuga on Teito's whereabouts. When he refuses to cooperate they give him a Sadistic Choice of ratting out Teito's whereabouts, or giving up his family.

teito frau relationship quotes

He decides to give up his family under the pretense that "they would understand" that he could never betray his best friend. In ep 4 when he decides this, he and Teito are given a split screen to show a speech they give completely in unison about how they'll never abandon one another. And then they do a fist bump.

When they are finally reunited again Mikage is shown looking extremely relieved and rushes towards Teito. A flying glompcoupled with some sparkles, ensues. Hell, Mikage even tells Teito that he considers him to be as important as his own family before declaring "I love you, Teito.

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After his death, Teito still finds it hard to go on without his best friend, even stating that "When Mikage died I felt like a part of me died as well". When Mikage's soul is taken by Ayanami and he dies, he begs Teito not to look for revenge, but instead to keep walking towards the light. This shakes Teito's beliefs, because Mikage was his 'light'. Later, Mikage becomes reincarnated as a small pink dragon called Burupya because he wished to protect Teito, no matter what form.

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Even after his death, Teito still cares about Mikage very much; when Teito is struggling with learning how to use the Bascules, Bastien tells him that he needs to think of his feelings for God in his heart. Teito then thinks "Though I don't really know anything about God, I'm thinking of you Although Frau is quite the ladies man, flirting with girls and regularly looking at porn, his relationship with Teito is a bit questionable.

He enjoys teasing and annoying Teito about how he looks like a small child, and for all his teasing, he also keeps Teito's spirits up with impromptu pep-talks. And despite Frau's tough looks and rough exterior, he is actually very caring and cares very much for Teito, showing some hints like protecting him from danger and carrying him bridal style. He also says that his meeting with Teito for the first time is not a coincidence but that it actually was fated for them both to meet and considers Teito to be a "shining ray" in his life.

To Teito "I like your soul so I wouldn't mind dying by your hands if I had to. This was shown when he was very willing to kill Bastien for trying to kill Teito, rendered Haruse comatose for trying to separate the Eye from Teito, and kept Pandora's Box sealed within Teito's body.

If it is not within Mikhail's power to protect Teito e. Teito has shown that he also cares for Mikhail, as he asked Mikhail if he Mikhail is okay in manga chapter 90, and has thanked Mikhail for helping him during his days as a battle sklave. Edit Unlike with Teito, Mikhail's relationship with Krom, who was the bearer of the Eye of Mikhail before Teito, has not been shown in much detail. Krom has been shown teaching Teito how to use the Eye of Mikhail, when Teito was a child.

Having been a bearer of the Eye of Mikhail, Krom presumably knew Mikhail's personality and abilities.

teito frau relationship quotes

Mikhail has not commented on Krom's death. In Kapitel 92, it was shown in a flashback that when Mikhail saw Krom being executed, he briefly possessed Teito and tried to save Krom, but was unable to. Ghosts Edit Mikhail has known, and been allied with, the Seven Ghosts for a very long time, since the first generation of Seven Ghosts used the Eye of Mikhail to seal Verloren's body.

teito frau relationship quotes

His relationships with them vary widely-some find him likeable and respect him, a few neither like nor dislike him, and others have mixed feelings about him. Mikhail, swearing at Guido for familiarity towards his master, was pleaded with by Vertrag then Father Fea Kreuz to stop making Tiashe say such inappropriate words.

However, both Mikhail and Guido eventually calmed down, and seemed indifferent towards each other by the end of the meeting. Apart from the Raggs War meeting, no other interactions have been shown between them.


Mikhail and Frau seem to have mixed feelings towards each other. Due to their similar hotheaded personalities, they often argue with each other, sometimes even resorting to physical violence, name-calling and threats. However, Mikhail also works closely with Frau to protect and defend Teito. In return, Frau trusts and relies on Mikhail to a certain extent, as shown in Kapitel 93 when he calls out to Mikhail to help Teito.

Mikhail and Frau have been shown to get along fairly well on a few occasions. At times, they do seem to have some genuine affection for each other.