Wing commander 3 flint ending relationship

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wing commander 3 flint ending relationship

Wing Commander III resists the temptation of the History Eraser Button. There he cloaks his ship and flies down a canyon trench, at the end of which he . No relation indeed. . They're clearly planning to use them on earth, hell if you fail that mission they've already wiped out Flint's whole colony world. Let's Play Wing Commander III & Standoff by Ilanin - Part Hyperion System, And we end up here, with Flint characteristically being a little less forward than and this isn't going to be a healthy relationship in any way, it's a rebound. Flint . For you Rachel guys, have you had a relationship that worked out? you chose Rachel when you played Wing Commander III, are you now married or . decide for yourself whether or not that's a better end for a relationship.

Or to accept that the stealth fighters were real? What do we make of Blair's kissing Minx - moreover, what do we make of the fact that he never mentions it to Angel? What do we make of the fact that Blair is completely willing to ignore Angel's orders to better win glory for himself? Yes, I've thought about this as well They broke up because the reappearance of Bossman shook things up. Now I don't know about anyone else, but I find it undesirable to stay in contact with my exs.

If we have to serve together, I'd be requesting a transfer. At that point she was under no obligation to stand by him during the trial, though as you said, she did defend him publicly. I agree with you that Angel and Blair's relationship may not have been well founded, and during war time isn't the best time to start a relationship. I don't think she really refused to support him. It did seem like she was trying to organize a transfer for him to the Concordia Damsel out of Distress: Jazz gets an elbow to the face for trying to hold her hostage at gunpoint during the events of Wing Commander II and its add-ons, and even stands up to the Kilrathi when captured in Wing Commander III.

I Am Very British: In the movie her background is also changed from French to Irish, this is expanded in the follow-on novel, Pilgrim Stars. Promoted to Love Interest: Right in Front of Me: She uses several versions of the trope phrase in the movie.

wing commander 3 flint ending relationship

Geoffrey Tolwyn First introduced in Wing Commander II as a toxic combination of Obstructive Bureaucrat and Insane AdmiralTolwyn appears to have something of a vendetta against Blair, believing wholeheartedly in the cowardist propaganda spread against him and resenting the need to take Blair aboard his flagship, the Concordia. Then the third game rolled around and Malcolm McDowell stepped into the role A Nazi by Any Other Name: He seeks to weed out humans who are not fit to fight through horrendous means and seeks dominance over the Border Worlds and the Kilrathi.

Yep, that sounds familiar. All of the attacks to which Blair is responding in IV are ultimately arranged by Tolwyn as part of a plot to manipulate the Confederation and the Union of Border Worlds into a conflict.

Wing Commander 3 - Kilrah #3 (ending)

In Wing Commander IV, he orders the creation of a bioweapon designed to weed out "weak genetic stock". In his heydey, Tolwyn was undoubtedly one of the fleet's best pilots and commanders. In episode 6 of Wing Commander Academyhe runs a blockade by playing chicken with a Kilrathi ship, and again in episode 8 he makes a badass quote before climbing into a fighter himself.

He was a Space Marshall for all of five minutes, above even admiral, where some of his actions at the lower rank included genetic profiling and eradication of anyone who did not fit his mold through bioweapons.

He Who Fights Monsters: The near-destruction of humanity during the Kilrathi War led him to conclude that Humanity must evolve into a warrior race via the horrific culling of the weak and near-constant warfare.

wing commander 3 flint ending relationship

So much that he makes you miss the days of being with Colonel Halcyon back in Tiger's Claw. Above all, he ultimately wants to save the human race.

What he will to do so make him almost as great a threat to humanity as the Kilrathi were. He is described as tactically brilliant but untrustworthy, too intent on fighting his own war to make a truly effective tool of Confed. I'm sure he will tell you to go perform a certain impossible anatomical act. Becomes a Type 3 version of this in IV.

Tolwyn is assigned to provide final training for the eponymous academy's students, in Wing Commander Academydue to his being Reassigned to Antarctica. We Have Become Complacent: Almost verbatim during the endgame of IV when you choose the right dialogues. The game makes it clear that Tolwyn crossed the Moral Event Horizonbut the novel has characters wondering after his death, to boot if the ends didn't justify the means.

Portrayed by Stephen Petrarca. Casey eventually becomes every bit as good as his father was, perhaps even better. The second coming of Iceman. How he starts in Prophecy. Introduced as the protagonist of Prophecy, which was a "Next Generation" type of continuation of the series now that Blair had been doing his thing so long that he was now a flag officer.

Wing Commander III & Standoff Part # - Hyperion System, Vega Sector, Mission 1 (Story)

Several characters from previous games serve as the experienced veterans in comparison to Casey and his Ensign Newbie wingmen. He starts bad-mouthing Commodore Blair, who inevitably appears.

wing commander 3 flint ending relationship

After being made aware of Blair's presence, he goes into full "recruit greeting a senior officer" mode. The strategy guide gives the impression of a hastily-arranged weddingwhich was just as well—Iceman still died before Lance was born.

Bear, like Blair, eventually reaches flag rank and helps to strike a number of devastating blows against the Kilrathi war machine.

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger - Wikipedia

He went from a character in a minor subplot in Wing Commander II to becoming a major character in the novels. The Wing Commander IV novelization states he lost an arm during the conclusion of the Kilrathi War, which was replaced with a cybernetic substitute. As noted below, later he's offered an Unusual User Interfacebut declines.

Many attempt to say it, most botch it badly. In the novel False Colors, he's offered the chance to have his cybernetic replacement arm mentioned above wired so he's directly connected to his fighter's controls.

Staple mission audio clips e. Manual takeoffs are similarly replaced by FMVs. The player starts each mission in open space.

Maybe Something Bad, Maybe Something Good

The left VDU cannot be made invisible. Several enemy types were removed, including all land-based enemies. A new enemy was added, the gun platform. This enemy is stationary.

Robin Peters

The ejection animation was cut, as was the option to retry the mission after ejecting. The player must select a ship as a target in order to communicate with it. The bug which prevents the player from accessing the cutscene explaining Hobbes betrayal in the PC version is absent. There is a new bug in the first Hyperion mission. Unless all enemies in the mission are destroyed, this mission will register as failed, regardless of whether or not the player successfully used the bomb prototype.

Only two of the three possible endings of the PC version are accessible. This is because the removal of the planetary sequence makes it impossible to fail the mission in which the Temblor Bomb is planted. The scripted deaths of the pilots in the Temblor Bomb mission were cut.